“Yeongam Folk Ssireum Troupe ‘on the verge of extinction’… The grades and popularity are good, so why?”

◇ Anchor Yoon Joo-seong (hereafter Yoon Ju-seong): The New Year’s Day business wrestling competition was held in Yeongam for the first time in four years, and it closed on the 24th. The Yeongam-gun Ssireum team had good results this year, but it is said that it is on the verge of extinction. Let’s hear the details from reporter Daeyoung Kim. Hello?

◆ Mokpo KBS Reporter Kim Dae-young (hereafter Kim Dae-young): How are you?

◇ Yoon Joo-seong: Did the Yeongam Folk Ssireum Team win 3 out of 4 weight classes in this tournament?

◆ Daeyoung Kim: Yes. That’s right. The Yeongam-gun Folk Ssireum Team, the leader of wrestling, performed well in this Lunar New Year’s Business Ssireum Competition. The Ssireum competition is divided into Baekdu Jangsa under 140kg, Halla Jangsa under 105kg, and Geumgang Jangsa under 90kg. At the 2023 Lunar New Year’s Day Ssireum Competition held from the 19th to last Tuesday at an indoor gym located in Yeongam-eup, Kim Min-jae of the Yeongam Ssireum Troupe beat Oh Jung-min of the Mungyeongsaejae Ssireum Troupe 3:0 in the Baekdu Jangsa final and climbed the flower palanquin.

Kim Min-jae, who became the first Baekdu Master in his life at last year’s Dano Championship, became the second Baekdu Master in personal business. In Ssireum, the game whistle blows and the match is decided in an instant. This is the beauty of the wrestling field, where power, skill, and instant judgment determine.

◆ Kim Dae-Young: And in the Halla business, Yeongam Ssireum Troupe’s Cha Min-soo beat Yongin City Hall’s Min-gyo Park 3:0, and rose to the 4th individual prize in the flower pot. Choi Jeong-man of Yeongam Ssireum Team defeated Hyung-seok Moon of Suwon Special City Hall 3:2 in the final match of Geumgangjangsa to become the Geumgangjangsa.

In this Ssireum competition, 270 traders from 19 teams across the country and a new team participated this year for the first time in 7 years.

◇ Yoon Ju-seong: Since it was the first match held in Yeongam in 4 years, the interest of the local people must have been hot?

◆ Daeyoung Kim: Yes. That’s right. Since it was a wrestling tournament held in Yeongam, local residents were very interested. In particular, among the residents of Yeongam-gun, the Ssireum competition started to become active again, and some residents even memorized the names of the players and were able to hear that they were fans. Please listen to the voice of Mr. Lee In-gyeong of Yeongam-gun.

-(Interview): I’m interested. It’s probably because it’s in Yeongam-gun. They were raised at Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries in the past. I like the director too. Coach likes you and you appear on TV a lot. Donkey ears and reruns, and I watch it a lot on YouTube. When you live here, you walk around. He came to the convenience store to buy coffee and everyone was cool. Ssireum players these days, when we were young, we thought of being big and fat. These days, Hori Hori is slim. It’s good to keep our traditions, but there aren’t many of them now. It’s too bad. It’s good because Yeongam-gun is doing this.

-(Interview 2): Did you go to see the Ssireum match?

-(Interview): I couldn’t go to the store because I was browsing. I can’t go and the people around me seem to have gone. The boss said so. You came to see When I asked if you had a good look, he said that he couldn’t enter and was kicked out.

◆ Kim Dae-young: So, I visited the site to watch the wrestling match, but I heard that some locals had to turn back because the seats were already full.

◇ Yun Ju-seong: When was the Yeongam-gun Folk Ssireum Team founded?

◆ Daeyoung Kim: About 40 years ago. It was founded in 1986 as a modern elephant wrestling team. At that time, the Hyundai Elephant Ssireum Team decided to disband in 2016 due to the slump in the shipbuilding industry after the operator changed from Hyundai Heavy Industries to Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries in January 2005. At that time, Yeongam-gun, the location of Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries, took over the wrestling team.

Yeongam-gun enacted an ordinance in December 2016 and became the owner of the only folk wrestling among Gwangju and Jeonnam local governments. I am Son Seok-chae, manager of Yeongam-gun Sports Industry Division.

-(Interview): The Hyundai Samho Elephant Ssireum Team belonged to Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries, but when it became difficult to operate due to financial difficulties, Yeongam-gun took over in January 2017 and started with 15 players, including players, coaches, and coaches.

◇ Yoon Joo-seong: What kind of players are members of the Ssireum troupe?

◆ Kim Dae-Young: We currently have 15 players, including manager Kim Ki-tae and coaches. In particular, the ssireum troupe, which produced world champions such as Kim Chil-gyu, Lee Tae-hyeon, and Hwang Gyu-yeon, showed off its skills by winning 54 times in various folk wrestling competitions, winning 4 gold medals in the national sports competition, and winning 7 team events even after Yeongam-gun took over. Directors and players appear in various entertainment programs including KBS, etc., and are known as star wrestling teams.

The Yeongam-gun Ssireum troupe recently parted ways with Baekdu-class player Jang Seong-woo, Halla-class player Oh Chang-rok, and Taebaek-class player Heo Seon-haeng. Kim Min-jae, who rose to the top of the world in the last year’s world champion wrestling competition festival trade match, and Nam Woo-hyuk, a university student athlete who is creating a new wind in the sand after 37 years, are recently recruited and are raising expectations for improvement

. Why was the ssireum troupe on the brink of extinction?

◆ Kim Dae-young: Yeongam-gun’s financial independence rate is about 11%. About 2 billion won is invested in the operation of the wrestling club a year. It was pointed out that it was a waste of poor military finances. In the ordinance made while taking over the Ssireumdan, the deadline for installing the Ssireumdan was December 2019. There was controversy over the effect of operation, but with the full support of former county governor Jeon Dong-pyeong, in September 2019, after the controversy, the Yeongam County Council deleted the installation deadline, paving the way for continued operation. However, after the military investment of more than 10 billion won over the past six years and the dissolution of the predecessor Samho Heavy Industries Elephant Ssireum Team, Yeongam-gun founded it, and the issue of missing the public debate process, such as the consent of the military and citizens, was raised belatedly. Yeongam-gun formed a public debate committee in December of last year and sought operational improvements, including the existence of a wrestling club. I continue to be Manager Son Seok-chae. 카지노

-(Interview): Since we took over the Hyundai Elephant Ssireum Team in 2017, we have achieved remarkable results as Korea’s best wrestling team, but there have been controversies over financial conditions and operational performance. So it seems that there was a lack of implementation efforts related to the performance of the military people. Accordingly, through a deliberation democracy that respects the will of the people, we have had time for public discussion to collect the opinions of various people in relation to the management of the wrestling team in the future.

◇ Yoon Ju-seong: The government is also planning to actively foster traditional sports wrestling. When will the results of public debate in Yeongam-gun come out?

◆ Kim Dae-young: It is expected that the decision to abolish the Yeongam-gun wrestling team will be made early next month at the earliest. Retain or abolish? If it is decided to abolish the wrestling team, there is a problem such as the contract period of the players, so this period is guaranteed. However, I was able to receive a positive response from the military regarding the issue of survival. Listen to the story of Manager Son Seok-chae.

-(Interview): Now, going through the survey and discussion process, this is a part that we cannot get involved in the process of determining the result because the public deliberation committee decides as a whole and the public deliberation committee exercises full authority, but in terms of content, it is a positive direction now. seems to be flowing.

◆ Kim Dae-Young: As those who have been to the Yeongam Folk Ssireum Troupe’s training ground know, they continue to train even in poor conditions in an outdated gym. So, the county plans to invest 11 billion won in Samho-eup, Yeongam, to build a wrestling training ground, physical training room, and spectators with the goal of completing the project next year. Construction of this facility has also been completely suspended, but I heard that construction may resume depending on the results. In fact, if you look at it simply, it may seem like a huge budget was invested in the Yeongam-gun Ssireum team. However, the ripple effect of promoting Yeongam through Internet SNS channels and representative agricultural products of Yeongam, such as figs, produced in Yeongam-gun cannot be ignored. We need your support until the end to see what results will come out.

◇ Yoon Joo-seong: The Yeongam-gun Ssireum troupe has been reviewed for its existence, but since the popularity of Ssireum has increased, a new team was created this year?

◆ Kim Dae-Young: I told you earlier. It’s the last 10 days. The MG Saemaul Geumgo Ssireum Team, which consisted of 16 players, took a strong first step. It’s been 17 years since a corporate team’s Ssireum team was founded. With the joining of Saemaul Geumgo, men’s wrestling is operated as a system of 19 teams, and among them, Saemaul Geumgo is the only corporate team. Saemaul Geumgo is based in Chungcheongnam-do.

We are also planning to build a wrestling training center at the MG Human Resources Development Center in Cheonan. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism recently announced plans to promote K-ssireum so that ssireum, a traditional sport unique to the nation, can leap forward as a representative sports brand in Korea.

◇ Yoon Joo-seong: Is Yeongam-gun the only basic organization that runs wrestling clubs?

◆ Daeyoung Kim: There are various cities such as Suwon and Yongin. So far, the basic organization has been operating as a whole, and this time, the corporate team created a new team after 7 years.

◇ Yoon Ju-seong: Yeongam-gun has the best grades right now, right?

◆ Daeyoung Kim: Yes. That’s right. Yeongam-gun won the 3rd weight class from the 4th weight class this time, so it is reaping good results in every competition.

◇ Yoon Ju-seong: I hope that a wise decision will be made after sufficient review.

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