“Worthless match” Korean national team A match, Kim Min-jae was disparaged for a mistake

 Because of the hardships, as he said, it was a mistake made by his mental collapse. However, one slip of the tongue made the Korean national soccer team’s A-match value belittled.

Italian media Calcio Napoli 24 reported on the 28th (Korean time), “Kim Min-jae left Seoul in an unstable state of mind after losing a friendly match against Uruguay.”

The previous day (28th), Kim Min-jae said in an interview with reporters after the evaluation match against Uruguay held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium, “Now it’s a bit difficult and mentally broken. “he said.

It was a bombshell statement that buried big issues such as the Korea Football Association’s ‘match-fixing controversy’ and pardon for footballers. In particular, his statement that he wanted to pay more attention to his team rather than the national team led to controversy over his retirement from the national team.

Korea was not the only one to react sensitively. Calcio Napoli 24 said, “The background of Min-jae Kim’s dissatisfaction may have been what happened in the last few hours of training with his national team.” pointed out

As a result, this remark did not suggest retirement, 온라인카지노but expressed extreme pressure and fatigue. Kim Min-jae, who left for Italy on the 29th without any explanation, posted on his SNS, “There is no game I did not work hard on because I had residual injuries, because I had to fly long, because I had a lot of games and because I was physically tired. I gave everything and ran. I was in a state where I was feeling a lot of pressure in a situation where I was getting more and more weight in the national team, which I had fun with.” He continued, “Please know that all parts have become mentally problematic in a short period of time, and as a representative player, I apologize once again to fans and players who may have been disappointed for not being prudent and not mature.”

However, the spilled water could not be picked up. Calcio Napoli 24 dismissed Korea’s two consecutive matches between Colombia and Uruguay as “two friendly matches that have little value” and “compared to the tremendous value of Min-jae Kim’s next match in Napoli.”

From their point of view, it makes sense. Kim Min-jae is the key player who will make Napoli’s dream of winning Serie A the third time and the first time in 33 years, which is most precious to them. As such, a friendly match between Korea and not the World Cup may seem worthless.

Conversely, from the Korean point of view, it does not matter whether Napoli wins the league for the first time in years. The two friendly games were meaningful matches that signaled the beginning of a new system for the Korean national team, which had been coached by Klinsman. Coach Klinsman needed to check the skills and breathing of his players, and it was actually a profitable game. In such a game, it is difficult to gain sympathy from the majority for a player who is the main player of the team to be absent for reasons other than injuries.

There is no reason to hear that even one friendly match is not worth it if you think of players who want to wear the Taegeuk mark even if it is not for that reason. As much as that, the difference in position is clearly different, but as a result, Klins Man-ho’s meaningful first step was disparaged with a word from Kim Min-jae.

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