‘Worst of the worst’ Tottenham, not only the players but also the club staff ‘lost their motivation’

The British ‘Daily Mail’ reported on the 9th (Korean time), “Tottenham Hotspur staff were anxious and the players from the academy were discouraged.”

The atmosphere at Tottenham Hotspur is the worst. In the UEFA 스포츠토토 Champions League Round of 16 second leg match held on the 9th, AC Milan was eliminated after a 0-0 draw, thereby extending the unrelated period by one more season.

Tottenham lost 0-1 to Sheffield United in the 5th round of the FA Cup held on the 2nd and 0-1 in the Premier League match against Wolverhampton Wanderers on the 5th, failing to win 3 games in a row. At the same time, the FA Cup, Premier League, and Champions League saw bitter taste in all three competitions.

In addition, after the match, Richarlison said in an interview, “I tested it as a starter at the training ground, but I started the game again from the bench. They said that if I did well, I could start. But on the pitch, the bench was left behind. It’s hard to understand.” He openly expressed his dissatisfaction with the director.

Richarlison also mixed profanity, saying, “Personally, this season is the worst.”

According to the Daily Mail, this bad mood wasn’t just visible in the squad. Club staff are also dissatisfied. The reason is Conte’s training schedule.

The media reported, “From what we have found, club staff are having a hard time working under Conte. Some staff have become discouraged and even disillusioned.”

The Daily Mail reports: “The reason for this dissatisfaction is the training schedule. Coach Conte does not give clear timetables until just before training, which makes some staff feel insecure and makes it difficult to enjoy other parts of their lives. Other clubs usually a week in advance The time schedule will be announced.”

To sum up, manager Conte did not notify his staff in advance of the schedule, and it seems that the staff is in a situation where they can not relax or make personal appointments.

The media said, “Along with them, the academy players are frustrated. Coach Conte does not use youth players. Tottenham managers have regularly used academy players in the first team. Even Jose Mourinho, who does not prefer to use youngsters, Japhet Tanganga. and Nunu Santo used Oliver Skip, but this manager is different.”

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