Will Chelsea Spend 213.7 Billion to Recruit Osimen, About to Take Pochettino’s Office

Chelsea are preparing to sign a striker this summer. The first target is Victor Osimen of Naples.

British media “Football London” said on the 23rd (Korea Standard Time) that Chelsea will have to pay a large amount to recruit Osimen. “Oshimen’s transfer fee will never be cheap,” he said. “It will be considered only when a proposal of 150 million euros (about 213.7 billion won) is made.”

Chelsea have failed this season.안전놀이터 A consortium led by Chairman Todd Bolley took over the club and started the season ambitiously, but its performance was far below expectations. In the end, he broke up with Thomas Tuchel and Graham Potter one after another and is wrapping up the rest of the season under temporary coach Frank Lampard. With two games remaining, the ranking is 12th. Even if you win all the remaining games, you will not be in the top 10.

Directed by Mauricio Pochettino. Getty Images Korea

When Lampard completes his short-term contract, Mauricio Pochettino, who previously led Paris Saint-Germain and Tottenham Hotspur, will be appointed. The announcement is being delayed, but there is news that the contract has already been agreed.

The summer transfer market is important to seek a rebound under Pochettino next season. In particular, recruiting strikers is considered an urgent priority. Chelsea have recruited Kai Havertz, Romelu Lukaku, Raheem Sterling and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who can be placed on the front line in recent years, but they have all fallen short of expectations.

Aurelio Deraurentis, Chairman (Napoli). Getty Images Korea

Osimen is considered a strong candidate for recruitment. Osimen led Napoli to the top of Serie A in Italy for the first time in 33 years with 23 goals and 4 assists in 30 Serie A matches this season. He is only 25 years old, so if he succeeds in recruiting, he will be able to ease his worries about the front line for many years.

The problem is the transfer fee. Napoli paid a large transfer fee of 75 million euros (about 106.8 billion won) when they brought in Osimen in 2020. There is still two years left in the contract, so I have no intention of sending it at a bargain price. In addition, Napoli president Aurelio DeLaurentis is known as a tricky opponent to deal with. Therefore, the transfer fee mentioned amounts to 150 million euros.

However, it is not easy for Chelsea to spend a lot of money this summer. It has already spent about 억600 million (about 982.7 billion won) in transfer fees last summer and winter. Profits are also expected to decrease as they will not be able to participate in European competitions including the UEFA Champions League next season. In order to recruit Osimen, selling players can be a priority.

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