Will ‘308 pace’ Atlanta break team home run record?

Can the Atlanta Braves’ powerhouse offence break the team home run record four years after it was set?

The Atlanta bats have hit a whopping 169 home runs in 89 games this first half. That’s an incredible 1.9 per game. That’s 20 more than the second-place Los Angeles Dodgers.먹튀검증

If they keep up this momentum, Atlanta could hit 308 team home runs this season. That would rank first in team home runs in Major League Baseball history.

The previous record in this category was held by the Minnesota Twins in 2019. At the time, they set the record with 307 home runs in a tight race with the New York Yankees.

Ronald Acuña Jr. photo by Getty Images

Four years after breaking the seemingly unbreakable 300-homer barrier for a team in a season, Atlanta is on the hunt for a new record.

Atlanta is led by Matt Olson, who leads the National League in home runs with 29, while A.J. Albies and Ronald Acuña Jr. both reached the 20-homer plateau in the first half.

Marcell Osuna, Sean Murphy, Austin Riley and Eddie Rosario also have double-digit home runs. Plus, Michael Harris II is one away from 10 homers with nine.

Olson, Albies, and Murphy are on pace for career highs, and Aquino Jr. is on pace for 40 home runs and 80 doubles, so he should continue to produce.

Matt Olson-Austin Riley. Photo by Getty Images

Atlanta’s chances of breaking the team home run record are even better if Riley, who had a relatively slow first half, has a second half like last year.

It will be interesting to see if the Atlanta bats, which produced an impressive 0.944 team OPS in June, can keep the momentum going in the second half and surpass Minnesota’s record.

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