Why did ‘Shock’ Oh Se-geun decide to give up his permanent number and leave KGC 

Why did Oh Se-geun give up the glory of a permanent retirement and choose a shock transfer?

It was truly shocking news. ‘Lion King’ Oh Se-geun, who was the symbol of Anyang KGC, went to Seoul SK. Why did Oh Se-geun decide to leave KGC, where he had all the glory days since his professional debut?

Free agent Oh Se-geun joined hands with SK. On the 18th, SK announced that it had completed a contract with Oh Se-geun under the terms of a contract period of 3 years and a total remuneration of 750 million won. The meeting with Kim Seon-hyeong, who collaborated on 52 consecutive victories during his time at Chung-Ang University, is attracting attention. The starting lineup of Kim Seon-hyung, Ahn Young-jun, Heo Il-yeong, Choi Bu-kyung, Oh Se-geun, and Jamil Warney deserves to be considered the strongest.

On the contrary,메이저놀이터 KGC became a house of mourning. This is because Moon Seong-gon was also sent to KT, and Oh Se-geun was also missed. It is a situation where the foundation of the team is shaken. When Moon Seong-gon was missed, Oh Se-geun was thought to be caught, but when this did not work, Anyang fans are simmering.

He joined KGC in 2011 and won four championships. If Oh Se-geun signed with KGC this time, the permanent absence was actually a reservation. KGC takes great care in the treatment of the team’s franchise stars. Yang Hee-jong is a good example. He is virtually guaranteed a leadership position. If Oh Se-geun retired from KGC after leaving the permanent absence, he could have fully aimed for the director’s position following Yang Hee-jong.

Game 7 of the professional basketball championship match between Anyang KGC and Seoul SK was held at Anyang Indoor Gymnasium on the 7th. KGC Yang Hee-jong is put on the court at the end of the 4th quarter and is hugging Oh Se-geun. Anyang = Reporter Heo Sang-wook wook@sportschosun.com/2023.05.07/
However, with this SK transfer, the permanent absence was virtually canceled. It’s awkward to play in SK for 3 years and get a permanent absence there. It is not known exactly what other details were included in this contract, but it is questionable whether he will be able to lead a stable leadership life in SK. I gave up a lot and chose to go to SK.

There are several stories. money first. It is the most important factor in the professional world. KGC offered up to 810 million won to Oh Se-geun at the end, but it may not make sense that he chose SK for 750 million won. However, the total amount of known first-year remuneration is not the key. Free agent big fish have an implied guarantee contract. Even free agents have a hard time with KBL’s strange system of negotiating annual salaries every season, so they are promised a guaranteed amount in a behind-the-scenes contract. If you look at the big fish players who have signed free agent contracts in recent years, the annual salary is similar every season regardless of individual or team performance.

KGC is famous as a club that does not guarantee contracts because it is a ‘small market’. If SK had promised Oh Se-geun a large sum, the story could be different. Options are also important. Oh Se-geun is a player with many health issues. Including options that are hard to achieve can be off-putting. SK set 200 million won out of 750 million won as an incentive, and it is highly likely that it presented conditions that can be easily achieved based on team performance.

Game 7 of the professional basketball championship match between Anyang KGC and Seoul SK was held at Anyang Indoor Gymnasium on the 7th. SK Kim Seon-hyeong and KGC Oh Se-geun. Anyang = Reporter Heo Sang-wook wook@sportschosun.com/2023.05.07/
The deviation of KGC’s negotiating strategy also seems to have had an impact. KGC planned to catch Oh Se-geun and Moon Seong-gon at the same time. With the enlistment of Byun Jun-hyung, we had to set up a space to recruit Choi Seong-won. After setting the amount to give to Moon Seong-gon and calculating the remaining money, it was about 700 million won. I first presented this amount to Oh Se-geun. However, Moon Seong-gon was presented with an amount that KGC could not afford, and KGC did its best by giving up Moon Seong-gon quickly and raising the amount to Oh Se-geun.

KGC expected Oh Se-geun, the pillar of the team, to make some concessions in consideration of the team’s circumstances, but Oh Se-geun may have felt sorry for the KGC club, which did not go ‘all-in’ to him from the beginning. SK dug into the gap, and KGC finally presented unconventional conditions, such as exceeding the contract period of 3 years, but Oh Se-geun’s heart had already left for SK.

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