WBC evaluation match with Park Chan-ho… Kang Baek-ho, Choi Jeong homerun operation

The WBC baseball team won the first evaluation game against NC with Kang Baek-ho and Choi Jeong’s home run.

Park Chan-ho, KBS baseball commentator, has already been with our players on the field, giving advice for the Korea-Japan match.

Reporter Moorim Ham covered the Arizona site.


The posture of holding a notebook looks like that of a scout, but looking at his face, it is Park Chan-ho.

Commissioner Park Chan-ho, who stepped directly to the mound to be with his juniors, already has a heart for the Korea-Japan match.

[Park Chan-ho/KBS commentator: “Do Japanese batters hit a lot (at bats)?”]

[Yang Hyeon-jong/온라인바카라WBC national representative: “Yes, I think it was.”]

American scouts and Japanese reporters flocked to see Lee Jung-hoo for the first time. In the evaluation match, the main characters were Kang Baek-ho and Choi Jeong.

The national team beat NC 8-2 thanks to Kang Baek-ho’s first two-point arch in the second inning and Choi Jeong’s additional home run in the third inning. [Soundbite] Choi Jeong/ WBC

national representative : “I joined the national team and played my first match, and I was surprised that the match went better than I thought.”

However, the pitching staff showed anxiety about control as a whole.

However, it was nice to see Go Woo-seok, who recorded a top speed of 152 km/h, and Ko Young-pyo, who scored two strikeouts and allowed no runs.

[Soundbite] Koh Young-pyo/WBC National Team Representative : “I started with the feeling that I was doing live pitching , but my condition was better than I thought, so I seem to be able to control all the pitches well.” emphasized. [Soundbite] Park Chan-ho (

KBS Commentator) : “The best pitch (the best pitch) on the mound is a first-pitch strike! I said, ‘You have to pitch aggressively.’

Although he won the first evaluation match with his performance, he also confirmed the task of raising the condition of the pitching staff.

This is KBS News Ha Moo-rim from Tucson.

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