Was there a reason why the Korean teams didn’t have enough appetite… Being selected for the big leagues is like a dream, but running for the first time in 7 years

“The Brewers’ Journeyman is succeeding.”

On the 25th (Korean time), the official Major League homepage (MLB.com) called a player with a special career ‘Journeyman’ and said, illuminated Right-hander Colin Ray (33, Milwaukee), who is reaping success in the major leagues this year, is the main character.메이저사이트

Ray, who was drafted in the 12th round (383 overall) by San Diego in 2011, is a player who has had many twists and turns. Until he made his major league debut in San Diego in 2015 and started in six games, it seemed that a rosy future was right in front of his eyes. He went to 19 games (18 starts) in 2016 as well, and he went 5-5 with an earned run average of 4.98. However, he was traded to Miami, and twists and turns began, such as his contract itself being punished due to an abnormality in his elbow.

Ray ended up having elbow surgery, and it was a thorny road after that. His days in the minor leagues got longer. He returned to the major league stage with the Chicago Cubs in 2020, but there was no significant record. He went to Japan after that, and was targeted by KBO League clubs ahead of this season. He is not very likely to come to Korea, but he was a decent pitcher that made me want to hold on to even the slightest possibility.

Such Ray rejected offers from Japanese and Korean teams and signed a minor league contract with Milwaukee. Milwaukee was the team Ray briefly stayed for in 2021. At that time, he played in one major league game. However, Milwaukee’s leadership, including coach Craig Counsell, saw Ray’s potential well and reached out again. And this year’s ‘second heyday’

This player, who MLB.com called ‘Journeyman’, is recording an average ERA of 4.89 with 2 wins and 3 losses in 9 games (8 starting games) this year. Brandon Woodruff’s injury opened up a spot on the starting lineup, and he seized the opportunity.

▲ Ray is showing his presence in the Milwaukee rotation

In the game against Houston on the 24th (Korean time), he won a thrilling starter with a good pitching with 4 hits and 4 strikeouts in 5⅓ innings. It was the first time Ray won a starter since 2016, when he was with San Diego. Responding to this question, Ray smiled shyly, saying, “I didn’t know it was that long.”

On the 29th, against San Francisco, he won again with 6 innings and 4 runs. It is the first two-game winning streak experienced since returning to the big leagues. He struggled a bit with two homers, but he didn’t break down, striking out six. It was also a game in which Ray clearly showed his presence in the Milwaukee rotation.

Ray’s dream, which did not stay in Korea or Japan and boldly took on a major league challenge again, is gradually coming true. Regarding his feelings, Ray calmly said, “I’m still too immersed in the current situation. I don’t know what answer to give.” He is also interested in how far Ray, who is united with the will to succeed in the big leagues, can go.

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