Was Daegu’s rain on the side of Samsung, not Lee Seung-yeop?

 Still, was the rain in Daegu supporting Samsung?

I had high expectations, 메이저사이트but it turned out to be disappointing. The first match of the season between the Samsung Lions and the Doosan Bears, which drew attention when Doosan Bears head coach Lee Seung-yeop visited Daegu. Unfortunately it was canceled due to rain.

On the 25th, which was scheduled to be held on the first day of the season between the two teams, it rained early at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu. Even as game time approached, the rain did not seem to stop, and in the end, the decision to cancel was made early.

This was the first day Samsung legend coach Lee appeared on the field after retiring wearing a Doosan uniform. It was a big match that drew the attention of all baseball fans and reporters. Unfortunately, however, the rain became a hindrance to the banquet. Of course, the match will be held on the 26th, but the match on the first day was delayed and steam leaked a little.

Still, it is highly likely that it was a welcome rain for Samsung. Samsung was on a four-game losing streak ahead of a burdensome game. Conversely, Doosan was on a three-game winning streak. Here is the 5th starting matchup, but a slight advantage was predicted for Doosan. Doosan starter Kim Dong-joo was dropped as the 5th starter this season and had excellent pitching with an ERA of 1.80 and 1 win and 1 loss in 3 games. On the contrary, Lee Jae-hee, who was predicted to be a Samsung starter, made his first start against Kiwoom Heroes on the 19th, but gave up 3 runs in 4 innings and gave up a disappointing pitch.

In many ways, except for the away game, Doosan was the dominant trend. It was a game that could offset the disadvantage of the away game with Lee’s existence. For Samsung, which has been sluggish because of this, it is a situation where taking a day off can be much better.In particular, selection changes. Both teams skip the fifth starter and put their aces on the mound. Samsung Buchanan, Doosan Alcantara. Alcantara is not a formidable pitcher, but Buchanan is Samsung’s most reliable and proven card, so it’s right to see that it can slightly increase the chances of escaping from a losing streak.

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