Transfer rumor Kim Min-jae moved from Manchester United to Liverpool… ‘Master’ Klopp wants it.

The transfer rumors of monster Kim Min-jae (27, Naples) continue.

Football Italy reported on the 2nd (Korean time) that “Liverpool approached Kim Min-jae.”

According to reports, Liverpool are suffering from 안전놀이터defensive anxiety this season, and ‘master’ Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is looking at Kim Min-jae to reinforce the defense. France’s Foot Mercato also said, “Liverpool approached Napoli to show their interest in Kim Min-jae.”

Liverpool have conceded 33 points in 27 league games this season. It’s a number that can’t be considered good. Just last season, Liverpool were the lowest scoring team in the league, conceding just 26 points in 38 games. However, problems arose after one season. Liverpool suffered a crushing 1-4 defeat against Manchester City on the 1st.

Liverpool currently have a lot of problems with their centre-backs. Main center back Virgil van Dijk is 32 years old, and Ibrahima Konate has suffered from frequent injuries. Joe Gomez continues to show slow growth. In addition, veteran defender Yoel Matip is said to be leaving the team this summer. Looks like they need a new centre-back.

Liverpool’s feelings for Kim Min-jae seem sincere. Reporter Ben Jacobs of CBS Sports, who is familiar with the European transfer market, insisted that Liverpool sent a scout last month to check Min-jae Kim’s performance. There are also rumors that Liverpool prepared 60 million pounds (approximately 96 billion won) for Kim Min-jae’s transfer fee.

In the meantime, Kim Min-jae has been linked to England’s prestigious Manchester United. However, according to recent local media reports, rumors of a Kim Min-jae transfer have moved from Manchester United to Liverpool.

However, the recruitment competition is expected to be fierce. Liverpool remain in 8th place in the league, but Manchester United are in 3rd place and are likely to advance to the European Champions League next season. The media also said, “Kim Min-jae will welcome the transfer to Liverpool, but whether he advances to the Champions League remains to be seen.” Liverpool seem to be struggling in the Champions League, so it seems they need something else to capture the player’s heart.

Kim Min-jae is showing the best performance in Europe. Thanks to this, Napoli was on the verge of winning the league title. Currently, they are leading the league with 23 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses (71 points), and the gap with second place Lazio (52 points) is significant. In fact, it is as if the victory has been confirmed. After reaching the top in 1990, it will be their first trophy in 33 years. Napoli will also advance to the quarterfinals of the European Champions League and challenge for the championship.

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