Tottenham players turn their back on Conte’s ‘bomb remarks’… “I’ll be happy if I get hard”

Tottenham Hotspur players also began to turn their backs on manager Antonio Conte’s bombshell remarks.

British media The Sun reported on the 바카라 20th (Korean time), “Some Tottenham players want Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy to sack coach Conte during the A-match break.”

Tottenham drew 3-3 in the 2022/23 Premier League round 28 match against Southampton held at St Mary’s Stadium on the 19th.

On this day, Tottenham was on the verge of victory, but gave away a penalty kick in extra time in the second half. In the end, Tottenham, who allowed a penalty kick equalizer before the end of the game, had to be content with getting one point.

After winning all the matches ended in a draw, manager Conte expressed intense anger in an interview and criticized the players.

Conte pointed out the mental state of the players, saying, “Tottenham players are used to the current situation. They don’t play for important things, under pressure. They don’t want stress. They want to take the easy road.” 

There are 10 games left and there are people who think we can fight, but with this kind of mentality, attitude and dedication, what the hell are you fighting for? 7th? 8th? 10th? I’m not used to these rankings. “I’m angry and everyone is to blame. Not only the club, the manager and the staff, but also the players involved in this situation.”

Conte’s intense criticism, however, aroused dissatisfaction from the players and fueled public opinion for the resignation of coach Conte.

The media said, “As coach Conte strongly criticized both up and down, the situation of Tottenham reached its peak.”

“As Tottenham become increasingly vulnerable in the fight for the top four of the league, some Tottenham players want Conte to leave the team,” he added. “They will be happy if he leaves before the A-match break ends in March.”

Conte, who has led Tottenham since November 2021, will expire on June 30th. 

Tottenham have the option to extend his contract for another year, but as public opinion about Conte continues to deteriorate, there are questions about whether Conte will be able to complete his contract.

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