“This year will be the heyday”… Gimpo’Captain’ Sang-wook Lee, equipped with confidence

“I wonder if this season will be the heyday.”

Gimpo FC goalkeeper Lee Sang-wook (32) returned to the professional stage last year after 4 years. After joining Suwon Samsung in 2014, he did not play a single game until 2016. He played 24 matches for Suwon FC in 2017, but only played 5 matches the following year and left his professional career.

Last year, he stepped on the안전놀이터 professional stage again with Gimpo. Lee Sang-wook, who met at the 2023 K-League winter field training media camp held at Hotel Rakhee in Gwangyang-si, Jeollanam-do on the 16th, said, “As a player, the process of preparing for the season is no different.” Since I am the oldest in the team, I pay attention to things outside of training. He looked back on his off-season preparation process, saying, “I’ve become more concerned about taking care of his body than last year.”

His personal physical condition is good. Lee Sang-wook said, “My body seems to be better than last year. Dare I wonder if this year will be my heyday. he is confident He just needs not to get injured,” he said with strength.

One of the goals is to play 100 games in the K-League. He said, “I want to fill 100 games, and I want to debut in the K-League 1. For personal goals, he hopes to manage well and play until the age of 40.”

Following last year, he served as captain this year as well. Lee Sang-wook has been leading the team with an armband since the second half of the season, when Gimpo won the last championship in the 2021 K3 League championship before rising to K2. He said, “The director doesn’t say anything and trusts me. He doesn’t ask for much, but he has talked about the unity of the players.” At that time, it is important to raise those friends as much as possible, such as calling them separately and talking.”

Gimpo had a good season, finishing 8th last season. Lee Sang-wook, who is looking at a higher place, said, “I think playoffs are possible enough. There were about 4-5 games that collapsed without power last year. I believe that if we had endured and captured those games, we would have been able to reach the playoffs. If we improve a little more, I think we can come closer this year.

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