“Third baseman like Kim Dong-ju” Noh Si-hwan dreams of AG, when persistence is needed

You have to master the third base, the biggest battlefield.

Noh Si-hwan (23), the starting third baseman of the professional baseball team Hanwha, is aiming for the Hangzhou Asian Games baseball team to be held in September. If you get good results, you can not only increase the status of Korean baseball, but also get military service benefits personally. It is a very important path in the career of an athlete.메이저사이트

The grades themselves aren’t bad. As of the 22nd, he has a batting average of 0.294, 8 homers and 21 RBIs. He has a high level of ability to drive when riding the current. On the 4th, against Doosan in Jamsil, he decorated his first multi-home run game of the season, and on the 10th, against Samsung in Daejeon, he went on another multi-poor armed demonstration. Starting with that game, he drew an arch in three straight games. It is ranked third in the league in the home run category after Park Dong-won (LG, 10) and Jose Rojas (Doosan, 9).

Hanwha coach Choi Won-ho, watching over him, is also proud. This is because if a key player of the team becomes a national representative and receives military exemption benefits, it is perfect for the club to devise a long-term plan.

He did not forget the appeal for his disciples either. In particular, he focused on his stable defense rather than his offense. Coach Choi said, “Sihwan’s defense is really good. He’s such a good player, whether it’s his handling or his defensive sense. He has a big physique like Kim Dong-ju of Doosan in the past, but his quickness is amazing.”

From the 2020 season, when Noh Si-hwan began to establish himself in the first team in earnest, Choi coach Choi has formed a long relationship by serving as Hanwha’s second team manager and acting manager of the first team. After watching his pupil closely, he said, “The defense has improved a lot compared to the beginning of his debut. Even within the coaching staff, there are players who have different opinions on each part, but Sihwan has been highly evaluated in both offense and defense since he was young.”

There are mountains to climb. He has gone through a period of burning and has recently gone hitless in 35 at-bats and is in a sudden slump. He faced the obvious challenge of being consistent. The command tower said, “Wasn’t Kim Hyeon-su of the world also had no hits (34 at-bats) in consecutive at-bats at the beginning of the season. At times like that, it can be nerve-wracking to say that it’s okay. So I try to pretend not to know. Isn’t it okay if you don’t get sick?” he laughed.

Possible contenders for third baseman in the Asian Games include Moon Bo-kyung (LG), who is the same age as him, and Han Dong-hee (Lotte), who is a one-year senior at Gyeongnam High School. All three players are players with a heavy responsibility to protect the national team’s hot corner in the future, following Choi Jeong-i’s footsteps. Noh Si-hwan wants to break through the fierce competition.

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