“There is no offering for one win in the World Cup group stage… Prepare with the belief that anyone can win.”

100 days until the 2023 Women’s World Cup coach Colin Bell’s women’s national soccer team,
a group with Korea, Colombia, Morocco, and China ” We must fight as a team, not as an individual,
equipped with the stamina and skills that we have not had so far, and defeating the Arnold Clark Cup is a great asset” Football Association, 2024 Contract extension until

“World Cup round of 16, and beyond.”

Colin Bell (62), the head coach of the Korean women’s national soccer team, 메이저사이트said in a voice full of confidence. Coach Bell had an interview with the Segye Ilbo at the Paju National Training Center (NFC) on the 21st of last month and said, “Our players have ample potential.” will come out,” he emphasized.

There are only 109 days left until the 2023 Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. The national team also has to deal with a busy schedule without rest. Coach Bell said, “After the two warm-up games against Zambia on the 7th and 11th, we will meet again in June. He is scheduled to leave around June 17th after training in Korea. Locally, we are promoting a match against a European team, and the World Cup will begin immediately after this match. There is not enough time,” he introduced.

The national team will play the group stage against Colombia, Morocco and Germany in turn. Coach Bell said, “There is no one-win sacrifice. He has the belief that he can win against any opponent, so he doesn’t have to put his all into a particular match. Of course, Korean women’s soccer also has to compete as a team, not as an individual. We must also have stamina and skills that we have never had before. If not, you will have no choice but to receive the same report card as the last tournament (lowest place in the group stage).”

Bell is confident, but there are still question marks. The national team recorded three losses in the Arnold Clark Cup, a friendly competition hosted by the England Football Association in February. They lost 0-4 to strong England and 1-2 to Belgium and Italy. It may be a disappointing result, but coach Bell saw hope. Coach Bell said, “Unlike the opposing team, which improved their physical condition during the season, our players competed in the process of building their bodies. The result was disappointing, but the content of the game was not bad. England definitely took football to the next level. But Italy and Belgium could at least draw. In the match against Belgium, we were ahead in our performance. The last goal I conceded in the game against Italy was offside, but I gave it up because my concentration weakened right before the end. This kind of experience can be a great asset ahead of the World Cup,” he said confidently.

The national team is considered weak compared to its geopolitical rivals Japan and China. Japan tasted the World Cup victory, and China also won the runner-up. What is the difference between Korea and Korea? Director Bell emphasized that it is infrastructure. He said, “China has been preparing for the World Cup since mid-March. Japan, with a women’s soccer population of 800,000, is a team armed with a clear vision and organizational power. Korea is behind in women’s soccer population at 1,400, but the gap is shrinking when teams face each other.”

The Korea Football Association is sending trust to Coach Bell. It was decided to entrust Bell with the national team’s leadership until December 2024 beyond the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. Coach Bell, who will lead the national team until the French Olympics, laughed, saying, “I wanted to stay for a long time because I was satisfied with my life in Korea.

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