“There is no compromise with reality” Gwangju’s ‘courageous’ challenge led by director Lee Jung-hyo

Head coach Lee Jeong-hyo, who leads the promoted team Gwangju FC and challenges the K-League 1 stage, shouted ‘Attack forward’.

On the 8th, a press conference was held in Gwangju for the ‘2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp’ at Barev Hotel in Seogwipo, Jeju-do. Gwangju, which topped the K-League 2 last season, is preparing to return to the K-League 1 in Chiang Rai and Jeju, Thailand.

Gwangju produced great results last season. Even though the team played in the K-League 1 until the previous season, they were not evaluated as favorites for the championship, but they broke expectations and won the championship with a large gap. The K-League 2 broke the record for the most points and the most wins in a single season.

Coach Lee, who moved forward with the gaze of devaluation as motivation, plans to continue his unstoppable challenge in the K-League 1. Attending a media camp press conference, he declared attacking football, saying, “If I score one goal, I will try to score two goals, and if I score two goals, I will try to score three goals. That is the color of Gwangju FC and my color.”

Even in the face 온라인바카라of a crisis, I do not intend to be shaken easily. It is because there is a thought that it is right to continue the keynote for the growth of the players. Coach Lee expressed his will not to compromise with reality, saying, “No matter what difficulties I face, I will continue to go in the direction I pursue as I did in K-League 2.” The following is an interview with coach Lee Jung-hyo.

As for the progress of winter training,

the players are working hard. There are parts where I am less prepared than I thought, but I think it will get better.

What are you not satisfied with?

The players are motivated and the condition is good. It’s just that I gave a lot of difficult homework, but it seems that I’m not doing as well as I thought. It is also my fault for not understanding it well. There are about 3 weeks left, and we will play from today. I think it will get better as we play. (What kind of homework was given) It is a tactical homework. It is difficult to say exactly what the tactical content is. Divide into two teams, one team to attack and the other to defend. Then switch roles. If the players can adapt, they change it, but it seems to be difficult because they have to use their brains a lot.

After winning the championship with a big margin last season, they promoted easily. This time, as a challenger,

there are people who think that we came up easily, but that is not the case. Our players have been working hard, shedding blood, sweat and tears. It was really hard. The players gave everything. I hope you know this. K-League 1 and K-League 2 are different, but the direction we are going is set. I plan to keep my color as it is. No matter what difficulties I face, I will continue to go in the direction I pursue, just as I did in K-League 2. (If you explain the direction in detail) If you score one goal, you will try to score two goals, and if you score two goals, you will try to score three goals. That is the color of Gwangju FC and my color.

Last year, I said I would play ‘dirty soccer’. this year?

He told the players, ‘Let’s challenge with courage, I will take responsibility for failure’. Athletes will work hard on the field.

I experienced promotion a few times during my coaching days, but it didn’t work out well in the K-League 1. This time, as a manager, he challenges K-League 1.

I was promoted twice with head coach Nam Gi-il to see what changes I would make . He had a side he was trying to keep at the time. I have imagined that someday in my career, if I become a manager, I will start in the K-League 2. We have no intention of keeping in the K-League 1. Even if you are reckless, you can only attack. Even for the growth of our players. (Isn’t it a reckless challenge?) Wouldn’t it be more unfair if the result was bad after playing soccer? You have to be brave enough to try and find another way even if you fail. My color won’t change. Even in front of the players, I tell them what I will do. To not lie later, to be proud. So the players are well aware of it. The players will also be aggressive.

At the end of the season, it is sometimes necessary to manage points.

Even then , I don’t want to compromise with reality, whether the ‘attack forward’ stance will remain the same . There are many young players in our Gwangju FC. Everyone has potential. I think that way is the right way to send these players to the Asian Games, the Olympics, and the A national team.

What is the team management plan?

Fortunately, I recruited the players I was trying to recruit and kept the players I was trying to protect. The number of members I envision is 24 or 25, but that should be enough. However, if two more people come in, there will be more room, especially in the summer, while running the season. You will be able to make bold changes and try a variety of things.

I think I become a different person for about two hours on the playground, how do I control the team ? At other times, I joke like a neighborhood brother or a neighborhood uncle and get along well with the players. The players also said that they were different people on and off the field. It is also natural. we are pro Like a pro, on the playground, I do my own thing. I don’t care outside the playground. Just act like a professional player. There are many meanings in it, and the players understand it well.

At last year’s Media Day, he was not mentioned as a candidate for the championship. The first

time I went to Media Day, I felt like I was being ignored. I don’t mind being ignored. However, our players put in a lot of effort during winter training at the time, but they didn’t think about the players’ efforts and because I was a rookie coach, they ignored our team itself. I didn’t feel well. But this season, it is said that it is a test bed and a candidate for relegation. It seems that Korea is stingy with praise. If you do well, you can do well, but there are many people who are envious and wish not to. So I try to do better.

What is the team’s goal for this season?

People I know in the soccer world said, ‘Isn’t it too reckless or too confident?’ We are confident in believing in our players. After winning the K-League 2 and conducting winter training, the players improved a lot. I don’t want to show it, so I keep pushing and pressuring the players, but it’s fun to see the players change every day. I am looking forward to seeing what our players will show in K-League 1 and how far they can go. I want to let them feel how much they have grown. I hope that many of our players will be selected as youth representatives, Asian Games, Olympics, and national teams. that’s my goal I will share my goal in the K-League 1 with the players.

It’s a pity that Kim Jong-woo left for Pohang Steelers during field training

. Jongwoo had a hard time last year. We talked a lot before the winter season this year, so I had high expectations. Jong-woo has improved considerably. He understood why he had to change, and he began to change. he’s a good player Since he is a good player, other clubs would not have offered him a large transfer fee. There will be a lot of empty seats. However, it is the destiny that Gwangju FC has. Other players are growing and are replacing them enough. We expect the players to do well.

He attended the press conference in a clean suit. I think you have a different mindset or resolution.

I have to keep doing well. This is a personal opinion, but there is still an idea that Seoul National University students should be taught by a professor from Seoul National University. that’s a bit disappointing Wouldn’t it be better if someone with the ability taught it? i have a big dream You cannot have such a dream if you are not confident in yourself. I can wear it comfortably. However, if you feel comfortable, you cannot be the best at what you do. I hope you see it with that kind of mindset.

A clear conviction stands out. There are many proverbs that are used as mottos

. It is also written on the KakaoTalk profile, and there is a word called ‘thousands of stones’. This means that small efforts add up to great results. There is a word called ‘Icheongdeuksim’. It means that you have to listen a lot to get your heart. There is also ‘Eumdeok Concession’. It is a story that if you give in the dark, it will come back eventually. I live thinking these words. It is not a matter of Gwangju soccer,

what will be needed for Gwangju to settle down stably in the K-League 1 .

I think the environment itself is the problem. There are not many playgrounds where our players can train. He always travels by bus and cannot use the playground for more than two hours. There were times when I got kicked out while exercising. That environment has to change. There should be a playground where players can exercise freely. Fortunately, the club’s owner, Mayor Kang Ki-jeong, provides a playground. If those points are improved one by one, Gwangju will be able to settle down in the K-League 1. If I want to speak out, of course I have to produce results. Even so, I am working hard.

Last season, he kept his promise to give gifts to his fans.

If the results are good, shouldn’t we also receive them? I hope the club or the fans do it this time. I’m tired of making promises. I hope you give our players a nice present during the last home game.

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