“There is no champion if you cannot overcome the limits of physical strength and mental strength”… Director Lotte Sutton was adamant

Professional baseball Lotte Giants manager Larry Sutton has become determined.

Head coach Sutton, who was in his third season as Lotte manager, expressed his intention to fiercely compete in the 2023 season, saying, “There is no champion for Lotte unless he exceeds the limits of his mental strength and physical strength.” Amid Sutton’s ‘strong’ policy, Lotte’s 2023 spring camp training ground has a completely different training atmosphere than before.

On the 4th, the Lotte team held the third day of training at the Dededo Sports Complex in Guam, USA, the main training ground for the spring camp. Lotte players conducted positional and group training at four stadiums in the complex. The athletes shed a lot of sweat while digesting the tight training schedule, which was divided into 10 to 20 minute units. From the second floor of the circular building in the middle of the practice field, Sutton inspected the training conditions of the players and coaches evenly across the four fields안전놀이터 .

During the Guam Spring Camp, which lasts for 19 days, Lotte conducts training under the system of ‘training for 4 days – rest for 1 day’. Only the first 4 days, including the day they moved from Busan to Guam, only train for 3 days, continuing the 4-day training system.

Coach Sutton said in an interview with <Busan Ilbo> on the 4th, when the first 3 days of training were over, that he was satisfied with the training situation. Coach Sutton said, “It seems that all pitchers and fielders have prepared their bodies well enough to handle a lot of training from the first day.”

Coach Sutton is putting great effort into strengthening the players’ stamina by significantly increasing his training volume this camp. The reason why the ranking of the team, which had risen to second place in the KBO League at the beginning of last season, went downhill was due to an analysis that not only the injuries of key players and the aftermath of Corona 19, but also the overall decline in physical strength had an effect.Coach Sutton evaluated, “If you look at Lotte’s team performance history and last year’s progress, there were many cases where they started strong at the beginning of the season but failed to show their strength in the second half.” “In order to become a strong team, all players must be physically and mentally strong,” he said. It means that you have to realize that you cannot play fall baseball with the same effort and determination as last season. Director Sutton’s voice felt more determined than ever.

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