There are no good breakups… Transfer rumor → Absent training for three days in a row

Anthony Gordon didn’t show up at the training ground for three days.

England’s ‘Daily Mail’ said, “Gordon has been absent from Everton’s team training for three days in a row, as he has recently been linked with Newcastle United. “he said.

As the media explained, Gordon is the main character of the recent Newcastle transfer rumor. Newcastle, which currently ranks third in the English Premier League (EPL), is expressing its intention to recruit Gordon by reinforcing the squad through the winter transfer market and continuing the team’s upward trend. Newcastle is running towards the goal of advancing to the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) this season. It’s no wonder that Gordon will be more attracted to Newcastle’s offer, which is closer to the UCL than Everton, which is in the relegation zone. 토토사이트

The problem is that Gordon is from Everton’s youth. Gordon, who rose to prominence from last season and emerged as the team’s ace, was a player receiving a lot of support from Everton fans. However, fans were outraged when Gordon put the possibility of a transfer ahead of loyalty to the team, even as Everton are in difficult times as they battle for relegation again following last season. Some fans were also caught swearing at Gordon as he left the training ground.

Breaking up doesn’t seem like a good thing after all. More news about Gordon arrived. ‘Daily Mail’ said, “Gordon, who is trying to move to Newcastle, has no intention of returning to Everton now,” and he explained that Gordon would not return to the team. He is unwilling to join the team at all beyond training until the team lets him go. As such, the relationship between Gordon and Everton is gradually heading towards catastrophe.

The winter transfer window is less than a week away. Newcastle is active in recruiting Gordon, and Gordon also wants to leave Everton. However, Everton are not willing to let go easily, knowing that the current situation will only get worse if Gordon leaves. Everton, which is currently in the relegation zone, recently tried to turn around by recruiting Arnaud Danzuma, but gave it away due to Tottenham Hotspur’s hijacking. If Gordon is sent, it is expected that the management of the team will be more difficult.

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