“The third pitch was eaten… “Out of the fence” Yun Dong-hee’s home run that even a veteran caster was fooled by

The score is 2-3. The home team’s bottom-of-the-third attack. With 4 consecutive balls, 1st and 2nd base were opened safely. The next hitter, Koh Seung-min, follows the old adage. ‘Aim for the first pitch after a walk.’ There is nothing wrong with adults. It hits right in front of center fielder.스포츠토토

Second base runner Jack Rex tries to tie the game. It’s a situation where you can score well. However, the natural run is frustrated. It is because of the excellent defense of center fielder Moon Hyun-bin. After clearing the batted ball with full sprint, it shoots into the home like lightning. It is home delivery with a one-bound strike. It’s a tag out with nowhere to complain. (Resignation on the 13th, Hanwha-Lotte)

There is no cold water like this. The atmosphere is chilly. ‘Isn’t this just drying up?’ The home fans’ faces darken. 1 company 1st and 2nd base followed. 6th at bat, Yoon Dong-hee. count 1-1. Moon Dong-ju’s next ball is a four-seam fastball. Catcher Choi Jae-hoon sits on the batter’s side. It is a ball combination that aims for a double play with a grounder in the direction of the third baseman or shortstop.

Oops. got caught The batter can’t stand it and throws a bat. It’s a clumsy swing. Along with the sound of the batted ball, comments from the SBS Sports broadcaster come out.

“Third pitch, it worked. left. left fielder.” It started with a low tone. The caster’s tempo changes gears in a crescendo. getting stronger and more urgent “Left fielder? backwards.” Then it suddenly explodes. “Out of the fence, out of the fence. Yoon Dong-hee. His second home run since his debut.”

[OSEN=Busan, Reporter Seok-Woo Lee] In the game on the 13th, Dong-Ju Moon of Hanwha allowed Dong-Hee Yoon of Lotte to home run for the first time in the season. 2023.06.13 / foto0307@osen.co.kr

‘It was eaten’ is a baseball expression of ‘it didn’t fit properly’. It means that the timing (pressed by the pitch) was late, or the batted ball lost power because it was not hit with the center of the bat (sweet spot). In scientific terms, it is a phenomenon in which the coefficient of restitution is reduced due to an inelastic collision.

So it is a logical fallacy that “eaten” becomes “out of the fence”. This is because it means that the hit (which looked like that) became a home run. Anyway, this one shot changed the game. It was a decisive swing that turned 2-3 into 5-3.

Seongho Yoon, caster, is one of the signboards of SBS Sports. He has been in charge of many big events such as the Olympics and the Premier League. Baseball broadcasting has been going on for over 10 years. Could it be the veteran’s misunderstanding? no. It’s understandable when you look at the hit moment. It’s an incredible swing. It’s natural to think ‘how did that happen’.

It’s not just SBS Sports. The same goes for MBC Sports+. It was also hot in ‘Baseball Tonight’, which was broadcast after the game. It is because of the admiration and wonder of this home run.

Jeong Min-cheol “It doesn’t make sense. He hits the ball on his body with the sweet spot of the bat while maintaining his upper body. How can a player like that be a rookie in his second year?”

Yang Jun-hyeok “To hit a ball like that properly, you have to put the bat handle inward enough to almost pierce the ribs and hit it. Only batters like Park Byung-ho, Choi Jeong, Na Seong-beom, or Lee Jung-hoo can hit like that.”

At the same time, both members add a word. “What is Yun Dong-hee’s batting average right now? I’m not sure, but at that level, he seems to be a player in a class that should be in the top 30.” he needs to be seated Yangshin is Yangshin. He only sees and knows what to hit. Yoon Dong-hee’s current batting average is 0.307.

SBS Sports relay screen

see the picture It is a clear ball. It fell out quite a bit on the inside. Normally, it is a difficult course to hit the bat. Even if you hit it, normal hitting is impossible. As caster Seongho Yoon said, it is natural to be ‘eaten’. hit it right It’s not even a left-handed hit. It’s a home run that goes over the fence. The walls of the infamous Sajik Stadium.

Even more so, who is the pitcher? Moon Dong-ju It is the best young gun of this season. It is a power pitcher that can shoot up to 160 km. I beat the 149 km of such an opponent. He was disgraced for his first home run of the season. The two are of the same age. Yoon Dong-hee said, “I never stuck with him in high school. I met him in the second group last year, but at that time I couldn’t hit.”

He is from Yatap High School. He is the junior of Kim Ha-seong and Bae Ji-hwan. He joined the Giants as a 2nd and 3rd pick. Although he was an infielder, he focused more on his hitting after turning to the outfield. He also has a good social life. He also takes care of greetings at the end of the interview. It is towards the owner who cheered in the VIP seat that day.

“I think it was thanks to the lunch box the president sent me. I really enjoyed my meal. Abalone is my favorite.”

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