The reason why he is the most free agent of all time

The skills of professional players are evaluated by their annual salary. Among free agent players (FA) this year, there are five players who receive more than 500 million won in compensation (salary + incentive). This is the first such case since 2015.

Last season,메이저사이트 free agents who received more than 500 million won in compensation were Moon Seong-gon and Yang Hong-seok (more than 500 million won), Lee Dae-seong and Choi Jun-yong (more than 550 million won), and Oh Se-geun (600 million won).

It is the first time that 5 players who received more than 500 million won in compensation came to the free agency market at once.

Maybe it’s just a matter of course. As the salary cap went up, so did the pay. A long time ago, it was difficult to receive more than 500 million won because of the salary cap.

Last season, the salary cap was 2.6 billion won. The salary cap of 2.6 billion won to 500 million won corresponds to 19.2%.

It was in 2015 that there were 5+ players who received 19.2% or more of the salary cap at the time, the same as the previous season’s 500 million won.

The salary cap for the 2014-2015 season was 2.3 billion won, and 19.2% of the salary cap was 441.6 million won. At the time, free agents who received more than 440 million won in compensation were Yun Ho-young (450 million won), Jeon Tae-pung (500 million won), Ha Seung-jin (520 million won), Moon Tae-young (570 million won), and Moon Tae-jong (660 million won). ), etc.

In 2015, thanks to players who played an active role in KBL after naturalization, it was a free agency market where players receiving high salaries were abundant.

This time, only players who debuted in the KBL through the rookie draft are full of highly paid players. It is no exaggeration to say that it is the FA market with the largest number of fish ever.

However, it remains to be seen whether they will all hit the FA jackpot.

In the FA market last year, five players received more than 700 million won in compensation. Kim Seon-hyung (800 million won) has established himself as the highest paid player, while Lee Seung-hyun, Jeon Seong-hyun, and Heo Woong (more than 750 million won) are tied for second place, and Lee Jung-hyun (Samsung) is ranked 5th with 700 million won. .

Players who earned a lot of money in the free agent market swept all of the top five in terms of pay last season.

In other words, there was a standard that a fisherman should receive a salary of around 700 million won for a large fish. Moreover, last season’s salary cap was 2.6 billion won, but next season’s salary cap is 2.8 billion won.

The deadline for voluntary negotiations between clubs and players is the 22nd. Less than a week left now. It is time for the contracts of the big fish to be revealed.

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