The reason why football team coach Klinsman is uncomfortable .

In commemoration of the publication of the prose book 메이저사이트 《I’m Uncomfortable with That Woman》, someone asked me while chatting about various things at a cafe after having lunch with people who had listened to my lectures. “What do you think of Manager Klinsman?”

As soon as I heard ‘Klinsman’, a scene from the World Cup in Qatar, a battle of words outside the football stadium came to mind. Klinsmann, a former coach of Germany and the United States and a member of the FIFA technical committee, went viral after appearing on the BBC to criticize Iran’s national team after Iran’s 2-0 defeat of Wales.

Iranian team coach Carlos Queiros and the Iranian players worked on (talked to) the referee during the game against Wales, constantly talking into the referee’s ear, saying that Iran had won by his ability to turn the game in his favor. While insisting, Klinsman made comments that insulted Iranian culture.

“This is their culture, and this is why Carlos Queiroz is such a good coach for the Iranian national team,” Klinsman said, even revealing his history of failing to lead the Colombian and Egyptian national teams to the finals before Queiroz took charge of the Iranian team.

Furious at Klinsmann’s provocation, Queiros launched a verbal bombardment on social media. “You, obsessed with a sense of superiority without even knowing me personally, criticized my character with prejudice. Your remarks about Iranian culture, the Iranian national team and its players are an insult to football.” Insisting that Klinsman should resign immediately from the FIFA technical committee, Queiroz invited Klinsman to Iran’s practice camp (to correct his biased opponent). “Come and talk with our players and learn about Iran, Iranian people, Iranian poets and the old Persian culture, art and mathematics.”

It was refreshing to hear that the coach of the national soccer team participating in the World Cup mentioned ‘poet’. I could see why he was successful in Iran. I am sure that Queiroz read the poems of Omar Khayyam, the great Persian mathematician, astronomer and poet.

“He comes from a star player in Germany, the center of world soccer. He doesn’t know Asian culture. Can he understand the emotions of Korean players? Wouldn’t he adapt well to the Asian culture? He was a brilliant player and only took elite courses. Can a German who has never been properly frustrated understand Korean players and Korean culture?” Wouldn’t the owner of such a strong ego have difficulty understanding himself and others? It is a bit relieved to hear that the condition of living in Korea was included in the terms of the contract between coach Klinsman and the Korea Football Association. Everyone in the soccer association has their own thoughts.

Swimming, watching a soccer game, or watching sports articles such as soccer, baseball, and tennis are my greatest pleasures. The World Cup is over and the Australian Open tennis is over, so what fun do you have now? How great would it be if the World Cup was held every year? I appeared on CBS Radio 《Park Jae-hong’s Bout-out》 and expressed my skeptical opinion about him, but Klinsman is already the Korean national team coach. Wouldn’t it be right to encourage him to lead the national team well in the future? I hope you listen to people who say bitter words like me and achieve good results. 

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