‘The most shocking transfer rumor of the year’, Tottenham manager candidate Klinsman… ‘Didn’t you go see Son Heung-min?’ guess

 A shocking transfer rumor came out. It is news that Korean national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann has been nominated as the next Tottenham manager of the English Premier League (EPL).

On the 17th (Korean time), 토스카지노many British and German media reported this rumor. Coach Klinsman took over as head coach of the Korean national team in February. However, two months later, it is incomprehensible that he was listed as a candidate for Tottenham manager. It is even more shocking that the beginning of the transfer rumor was a report by a leading German magazine, ‘Kicker’.

Coach Klinsman visited Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on the 15th to watch Son Heung-min of the Korean national team. In the match against Bournemouth, Son Heung-min scored one goal, and Tottenham lost 2-3.

When this transfer rumor came out, the media even raised speculation that this visit was not to see Son Heung-min, but had other intentions.

Britain’s ‘Team Talk’ reported, “Coach Klinsman has been nominated as the new Tottenham manager. It’s shocking.”

The media continued, “There was a surprise report from the German media, such as a German kicker. Manager Klinsmann appeared as a new option for the next coach of Tottenham. was appointed,” he explained.

The media also said, “The final candidates for Tottenham’s next manager include Vincent Kompany, Julian Nagelsmann, Mauricio Pochettino, Brandon Rodgers and Graham Porter.

When the situation came to this, the media said, “The appearance of manager Klinsman in the match against Bournemouth was another appearance of a competitor for the next Tottenham coach. The reason Klinsman visited Tottenham was to see Son Heung-min, but perhaps to develop this situation further It may be,” he said.

The media also said, “Coach Klinsmann has experience in directing German clubs in his home country, such as Bayern Munich and Hertha Berlin, and coached the US national team. He has no EPL experience yet. For the 58-year-old Klinsmann, the EPL is a significant leap forward. will be,” he said.

Finally, the media explained, “If Clinsman wants to take over Tottenham, he will have to cancel his promise with the Korean national team, which is scheduled to last until the 2026 World Cup.”

England’s ‘Tbrfootbal’ also said, “In fact, Klinsman is included in the list of next coaches that Chairman Daniel Levy is considering. Klinsman has a legendary status in Tottenham. Clearly, Klinsman is a popular figure in Tottenham, and in a way, Tottenham right now. He could be the one who needs this. Tottenham fans will definitely want Klins, and Klins has an affinity for Tottenham too.”

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