“That player will do anything”… I fell in love with Son Hyuk, should I get a rookie job as a shortstop for Hanwha?

“If you look at the way he trains and his eyes, he looks so earnest and eager to do anything that he can do anything.”

Sohn Hyuk, general manager of the Hanwha Eagles, fell in love with rookie shortstop Moon Hyun-bin (19) during the Arizona spring camp. General manager Sohn and coach Carlos Subero fell in love with Moon Hyun-bin’s sincere attitude at last year’s finish camp and put him on a plane to the United States. As the only rookie beast, he was included in the first team spring camp list, but it is difficult to say that he paid attention to his competitiveness in the first team right away. The club highly appreciated the enthusiasm of the 19-year-old young player who was hot enough to stimulate his seniors.

General Manager Son said, “I say that I don’t trust a newcomer because if I include it with all my strength, it will hurt the team온라인바카라 if I don’t meet the expectations. ) Looking at his training posture and eyes, he looks so earnest that it seems like he can do anything, and he is eager to do anything,” he said with a hearty smile.

Hyunbin Moon graduated from Bukil High School and joined Hanwha with the 11th pick in the 2nd round of the 2023 rookie draft. Although he is 174 cm tall and weighs 82 kg, he is on the small side, but as a high-level infielder representing high school baseball, scouts expected him to be a top prospect. He was praised for his outstanding leadership skills and personality, to the extent that he was captain of Bukil High School and the youth baseball team. In other words, his evaluation during his high school days continues to his professional stage.

Even in the eyes of the coaches, Moon Hyun-bin’s sparkling eyes cannot fail to be seen. Hitting coach Kim Nam-hyung said, “I was surprised that a new player’s personal routine for batting training was established, and the understanding and the part where he makes changes when he is not good is great. To be honest, I want to see his ability to adapt in real life now.” showed

Moon Hyun-bin rather bowed his head even more at the relay praise baptized by the general manager, coaches, and coaches. He humbly replied, “While training with my seniors, I feel that my basic skills are lacking. This is an important time for me to learn even one more and to work hard unconditionally, so I will work harder.”

Since she is still a young player, there are also leaders who cherish her praise. Defensive coach Choi Yoon-seok is beside him adjusting the pace so that his motivation does not lead to injury or sluggishness.

Coach Choi said, “(Moon) Hyun-bin seems to be focusing on all catches and throws in defense training, and he is rather discouraging him to adjust the pace. His sense is better than he thinks. However, since he still lacks experience, he will have to grow while receiving real hits through practice and training,” he said, adding that he would slowly watch and judge.

Moon Hyun-bin aims to enter the first team this year and tries to complete the race in good health until the end of the spring camp. He said, “Internal competition is fierce, so all seniors and classmates who train hard in Arizona and Kochi are competitors. Still, in my current situation, I think I am the biggest competitor. I want to make it happen,” he said, smiling widely.

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