“Technology and mentality are good”… Why Director Lee is so confident in Asnawi

Minister Lee Jeonnam Dragons coach showed great expectations for Indonesian national football team fullback Asnawi Mangkualam, who is about to announce the official recruitment. He emphasized that, above all, it was a recruitment decision made in terms of skills.

Jeonnam is on the verge of signing Asnawi. According to a well-informed official in the soccer world, Asnawi is about to move to Jeonnam after the contract with Ansan Greeners ends, and an official announcement will be made soon after undergoing a medical test. After joining Ansan in the 2021 season, there is someone who draws the most attention to the news of Asnawi, who was recognized as a talented side resource in K League 2 and had a great influence as a star of Indonesian football. It is this coach who decided to recruit Asnawi.

Coach Lee, who is currently training in Changwon, said that he decided to hire Asnawi because of his high skills. Coach Lee said, “Last year’s play in Ansan came to me in a really good way. He explained why he paid attention to Asnawi. 안전놀이터

“Last year, when I played against our team, and when I analyzed Ansan, I thought he was a good player. Asnawi has good strength, vitality, and ball handling skills. I was recruited, and I hope it will be a positive help to our team.”

It was expected that there would be a great effect not only in terms of skills but also in terms of box office performance. After asking, “Isn’t the atmosphere of Southeast Asian football changing a lot in Korea?”, Lee said, “I thought of the fans. Also, there are many multicultural generations these days, and there are many in our Jeonnam region. I want it to be a factor,” he said.

Meanwhile, as Asnawi is about to join Jeonnam, they will build a foreign attack team along with the existing Plana and Brazilian attacking midfielder Valdivia, who recently announced their recruitment. The recruitment of striker number 9, which was raised as a weakness, is also being reviewed in depth. I have a strong will to prepare for the upcoming 2023 season with the strongest power possible.

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