Take a video and give feedback… Will it be able to transform into ‘Dynamic Lotte

The Lotte Giants recently collected players with good feet and athletic ability, and tried to pursue dynamic baseball by giving many opportunities to these players.

It’s not just the players. They needed a leader who could improve the athletic ability of the players, but Lotte recruited coach Kim Pyeong-ho, the ‘Trainer of King Doru’. Immediate effects and performance were important, but I hoped that players who could run would receive coach Kim Pyeong-ho’s know-how and establish themselves in the first team and show their gradual growth. Director Larry Sutton’s direction was the same.

Once the primary goal has been achieved. Lotte has become a team that can run, and players with good main power are starting to make their way into the lineup. Hwang Seong-bin became a symbol of dynamic Lotte and established himself as a regular member of the first team. Basically, the other players are also starting to change into a team that can run one base base.

However, it was difficult to achieve complete change. There was also a lot of trial and error. Although the primary goal was achieved, it did not lead to the achievement of the ultimate goal. Last year, Lotte had 61 successful base steals and a 61% stolen base success rate, remaining in last place in both categories. In the end, Lotte’s ankles, which challenged fast baseball, were shackled. 

But now we have to change a bit more and have more players with good athletic ability in the lineup and grow. In addition메이저사이트 to the existing Hwang Seong-bin and Ko Seung-min, Doosan also recruited Ahn Kwon-soo, who was overflowing with fighting. Considering the existing backup members such as Jang Doo-seong and Shin Yun-hoo, I was able to select a wider range of players who could run.

However, they can ultimately play dynamic baseball only when they get on base and stir with high probability. That’s why coach Kim Pyeong-ho is busy every day. He constantly shoots videos at Juru and Extra Early Walk. This is to give feedback quickly by allowing you to check the good part and the wrong part directly through the video. In addition to checking immediately, these tasks are repeated at the accommodation after training.

Hwang Seong-bin said, “When the training schedule with Coach Pyeong-ho Kim is over, we watch the video together and give feedback. The coach tells me a lot from the finishing camp. He continues to make sure that I am practicing right,” he said. “Since the coach has a lot of experience at first base, he constantly asks me to talk about the feeling and timing when I go out as a runner. You say that you have to trust each other well.

That’s why I want to receive a lot of help, and I try to trust and follow him.” I’m trying to create a synergistic effect.

The number of stolen bases won’t represent everything, but if three runners who can run, such as Hwang Seong-bin, Ahn Kwon-soo, and Ko Seung-min, record more than 20 stolen bases and increase their success rate, then it will be better than last year and different. I can hear the story.

Coach Kim Pyeong-ho has not made a hasty decision yet. He is cautious, saying, “We have to watch during the game.” However, the process to maximize Lotte’s running ability is constantly being repeated.

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