Stop the ‘raiser’… Still outdated football association, desperate for ‘personnel renewal’

The Korea Football Association’s ‘taking care of my family’ should not continue. It must be reborn as a new organization through personnel renewal. 

On the 18th, a discussion was held in Seogyo-dong,스포츠토토 Mapo-gu, Seoul on the theme of ‘the problems of the Korean Football Association’s disciplinary amnesty and subsequent reform tasks’. Jeong Yong-cheol, a professor at Sogang University, moderated, and Jeong Hee-joon, an executive member of the Cultural Solidarity, gave a presentation. Sports critic Jung Yoon-soo, soccer commentator Han Jun-hui, Sportsnious representative Kim Hyeon-hoe, Lee Geun-seung, sports spring/summer soccer team leader, and Lee Ji-woo, Incheon Nation representative participated as panelists.

On the 28th of last month, the association caused a stir by amnestying 100 soccer players who cheated on football, including a match-fixer in 2011. However, afterward, controversy arose over the legitimacy of the amnesty, the decision-making process, and the timing of the announcement, and the association held a temporary board of directors three days later and completely withdrew the amnesty proposal.

The Football Association was once again criticized for being ‘outdated’. In the process of making the amnesty decision, the board of directors only played a role as a ‘raiser’ and did not voice opposition. Representative Kim Hyeon-hoe explained the situation at the time, “There was an atmosphere that could not be opposed at the board of directors. There was an opinion against conditionally, saying that pardoning 100 people was a burden. It is difficult to point out individually because it is a way to pass without a vote and no problems.”

Commissioner Han Jun-hee strongly criticized the current situation of the Football Association. One member said, “The Football Association would have been trapped in their own league and would not have known how to define football these days. Those who still think football is only on the ground,” he said. “In modern times, football is not that simple. It has to change,” he said.

In order for the Korea Football Association to change properly, personnel renewal is required. It is pointed out that the organization cannot function properly with the current members. One member pointed out, “Organizations, including the board of directors, are not doing their job. Of course, there are not only players but also outsiders, but they have not played their role properly.”

Regarding this, Jung Yoon-soo Penglonga also insisted, “The Football Association has an ‘agile structure’ in charge of various tasks, but each part needs to be evaluated. We need to switch from the 2002 World Cup star-centered system to a moderation system for experts in each field.” Team leader Lee Geun-seung also added, “We need someone who can discuss development besides those from Gyeonggi.” 

Lee Ji-woo, who attended on behalf of soccer fans, said, “From a fan’s point of view, the Football Association was the only one that developed under the leadership of Chairman Kim Pan-gon and Executive Director Hong Myung-bo in 2018. However, it lost its power after Hong Myung-bo left. The personnel are continuing, but the role is not clear,” he said. “Non-mainstream soccer players should also be able to voice their voices in the association.

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