[SPO Incheon] ‘127th Precinct Roar’ Everyone enjoyed Buchanan’s ‘romance’… Even the troubled director admired it

The highlight of the game between SSG and Samsung at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 11th was SSG’s attack in the sixth inning with Samsung leading 4-2. Trailing by two runs, SSG was harassing Samsung starter David Buchanan, looking for any chance to score.바카라

One out later, Kim Sung-hyun led off with an infield single, and Han Yoo-seom followed with a single to left. The pitch count had already surpassed the 100-pitch limit for starting pitchers these days, reaching 112. With a winning pitcher in place, the bench had to be concerned. In fact, Samsung manager Park Jin-man, who was interviewed before the game against SSG in Incheon on the 12th, admitted that he had “a lot of trouble” making a change.

“There were too many pitches,” Park said. The pitch count was high at the beginning of the game, and it was also high in the sixth inning, the last inning, when his strength was probably lowest. However, it was the player’s will that kept him from making a substitution in that situation. “He had a lot of determination,” Park said. Buchanan didn’t want to show his back in that situation, and he wanted to take responsibility for the runners he left on base.

With more focus and strength, Buchanan got Kim Min-sik to ground out to first base to give himself a breather. He then struck out Ji-hoon Choi to end the sixth inning without allowing a run. After striking out Choi, Buchanan pumped his fist in the air and roared. The Samsung dugout boiled over at the sight of the ace’s determination.

In truth, Buchanan wasn’t 100 per cent on the day. His velocity was a little off throughout. He gave up nine hits in six innings. The last two batters of the sixth inning went down to eight and seven pitches, respectively. In the end, it was a subtle difference, and Buchanan won the momentum battle.

Park applauded Buchanan. “It was a crunch time, and he handled it like an ace,” Park said, “He threw too many pitches, but he’s Samsung’s ace, and I thought I should give him a little more credit for that. He handled it neatly like an ace,” he smiled.

Buchanan showed the determination and ability of an ace ⓒSamsung Lions

Kim Hyun-jun, who took on the leadoff role with a good batting performance ⓒSamsung Lions

His dedication was even more remarkable because he was a foreigner. He already had what it takes to be a winning pitcher, and he has the absolute support of his team. No one would have blamed him if he decided to walk off the mound after 110 pitches, but he did it for the team and his own pride. “There were a lot of foreign players who would back off a little bit when there were various situations,” Park said, recalling his memories, “but the foreign players we are playing with have a sense of responsibility. Their sacrifice for the team seems to be ingrained in them. They are a great addition to the team.”

Buchanan’s pitching might make some players’ blood boil. Taylor Widener (29), who signed with the NC this year but was recently claimed off waivers and into a Samsung jersey. Widener will make his Samsung debut on the 13th against the Incheon SSG. “He pitched lightly in the bullpen yesterday (11th),” Park said, adding that he is in good physical condition.

Widener, who started the year late due to injury and was not in good shape at the beginning of the season, went 4-2 with a 4.52 ERA in 11 games. There were ups and downs, and the absolute numbers weren’t great. This is why NC, which is aiming for more than just a postseason berth, decided to make a foreign replacement. However, he pitched well in his last two games, on 28 July against KT (6 innings, 2 runs) and 3 August against Lotte (7 innings, 1 run). Samsung made a gamble by bringing in Widener in place of the injured Albert Suarez.

“He said he wasn’t feeling well at first, but then he said he was at his peak and was waived, so he showed some confidence,” Park said.

Meanwhile, Samsung’s batting order on the 12th was Kim Hyun-joon (centre fielder), Kim Sung-yoon (left fielder), Goo Ja-uk (right fielder), Pirela (designated hitter), Ryu Ji-hyuk (third baseman), Kang Han-ul (second baseman), Oh Jae-il (first baseman), Lee Jae-hyun (shortstop), and Kim Jae-sung (catcher). Kim Hyun-joon, Kim Sung-yoon, and Koo Ja-uk, who have been in good batting form in the second half of the season, were moved up to the top of the order. The starting pitcher is left-hander Baek Jeong-hyun.

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