‘Speed ​​& cross advantage’ Lee Si-young “I will show my skills befitting a FC Seoul player”

Professional football K League 1 FC Seoul is in the midst of preparing for the new season in Hua Hin, Thailand. Seoul started the first winter battery training from the 8th and is spurring preparations for the 2023 season by conducting intense training. In particular, the competition between players to become the main character this season is unfolding more fiercely than ever.

In the winter transfer market, Seoul successfully filled the gaps created by the lack of positions last season and the enlistment of key players in the military. They brought Park Soo-il and Lee Si-young, sidelines, from Seongnam, and also embraced veteran center back Kwon Wan-gyu. On the offensive side, they recruited K-League 2 crack Willian, Lim Sang-hyeop, who is enjoying a second heyday, and Kim Gyeong-min, a wonder goal maker who flew from Kim Cheon Sangmu.

The newly joined players are sweating to keep pace with the existing players under the guidance of coach Ahn Ik-soo. Among them, Lee Si-young’s eyes are shining more fiercely than anyone else. Lee Si-young, who says that although it is difficult, he is working hard and enjoying training, told the team about his current situation through an interview. At this meeting, he expressed his aspirations, “I think this season is a really important time, and I want to make 2023 a turning point in my football life.”

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Lee want to achieve in this field training?
First of all, personally, I have to grow physically, and I have to grow technically. Also, I am working hard to adapt to the team as quickly as possible, get in touch with my teammates, and create better synergy.

– How was the team adaptation?
I don’t have an active personality, but now that I’m at an age where I have to play an intermediate role to some extent, I’m trying to be more active in training. My older brothers and friends, such as Na Sang-ho, Lim Min-hyuk, Kim Jin-ya, Hwang Hyun-soo, and Han Seung-gyu, helped me a lot, and I also have a lot of confidence in Park Soo-il and Kim Kyung-min, who joined the team this time. There were many players of the same age, so it was not a big problem to adapt. 안전놀이터

– About the competition within the team?
Right now, everything will be a competition, but right now I think I learn a lot from being one step behind, and I think grabbing an opportunity when it comes is a pro. As a pro, I always felt that I had to be competent and prepared, so if I prepare well, the next step will follow.

– What are your strengths?
First of all, my strengths are speed and mobility, and my style is to play a lot in the defense as well as give a lot of help and participate in the offense. Cross is also confident.

– Any words for FC Seoul fans?
Personally, I am looking forward to coming to FC Seoul, and my mindset is very different. In fact, when I look back at 2022, I think I failed, but I think this year is a really important time. But I am really confident and I want to make 2023 a turning point in my football life. So I have a different resolution and I want to prove myself to the fans. I will do my best to enter the stadium and show my skills befitting a FC Seoul player.

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