‘Solo Leader in Runs and Stolen Bases’ LG’s 29-Year Sukwon Depends on 4-5 Selections [Late Season Big Issue 4]

Can the LG Twins win their first Korean Series title in 29 years, since 1994?

LG ended the first half with 49 wins, two draws and 30 losses (0.620 winning percentage), leading the standings. They are 2.5 games behind second-place SSG Landers. They only need one more win to reach the 50-win plateau.

LG was consistently strong in the first half of the season. They were at the top of the leaderboard in May with the best win percentage (0.727) and June with the best win percentage (0.625). The numbers in the first half of the season tell the story of LG’s success. The team batting average (0.285) and team ERA (3.61), which are basic indicators of offence and defence, were both first. However, the team committed 79 errors, the most among the 10 teams, and led the league in stolen bases with 54 (second-place NC-Dusan had 28).

Still, LG was able to achieve the top spot in the first half of the season despite these difficult circumstances. Above all, the team was strengthened by the new manager, Yeom Kyung-yeop (55), who was appointed before the season. He showed leadership by constantly communicating with coaches and players in times of crisis. He used the bullpen at the right time and entertained LG fans with his brilliant tactical baseball (52 sacrifice bunts).카지노
The bullpen’s ‘Plan B’ succeeded amidst starting pitching struggles
It’s not an exaggeration to say that LG’s starting rotation was pretty much broken in the first half. Behind Plutko (11-1), the team’s most prolific pitcher, was Lim Chan-kyu with a 6-2 record and a 3.19 ERA. Kelly, however, hasn’t quite lived up to expectations with a 6-5 record and a 4.44 ERA. The loss of Lee Min-ho and Kim Yoon-sik, who were projected as the third and fourth starters before the season began, was also a big factor. They struggled in the fourth and fifth spots throughout the first half of the season. In addition, the established pitching duo of Jung Woo-young (2-4, 4.08 ERA) and Lee Jung-yong (3-1, 5.90 ERA) faltered. Ko Woo-seok was also limited to just 19⅓ innings due to shoulder and back injuries.

In this situation, Yeom, who is known for his preparedness, came up with Plan B, a pitching combination of Ham Deok-ju, Park Myung-geun and Young-chan that he had prepared in camp. Ham Deok-ju was 3-0 with 3 saves and 12 holds with a 1.28 ERA, Park Myung-geun was 4-0 with 5 saves and 5 holds with a 3.25 ERA, and Yoo Young-chan was 4-1 with 4 saves and a 3.75 ERA. Even in games where the fourth and fifth starters faltered early, they held on with “bullpen days. “We wanted to instil in our opponents the perception that LG is a team that doesn’t lose easily,” said Yeom.

LG Im Chan-kyu.

LG’s Kim Min-sung.
“Kim Min-sung and Lim Chan-kyu, players of the first half”
On the infield, Kim Min-sung played every position in the infield, dedicating himself to the team. When other infielders were injured or needed to rest, he filled the gap brilliantly. It was also encouraging to see Shin Min-jae lead the team in stolen bases (21) and take over the starting second base position. Leadoff hitter Hong Chang-ki boasted another high batting average (.332). Austin finished second in RBIs with 57. Free agent signing Park Dong-won blasted 15 home runs.

Speaking to Star News, SPOTV commentator Lee Sung-woo said, “LG’s first half was dominated by the performances of Kim Min-sung and Lim Chan-kyu. It was the first time I realised how good Kim Min-sung is at shortstop. He really gave a lot of dedication to the team in all weathers, and Im Chan-kyu has always been a good mental player, but his change-up has become even better. I think it helps that he threw a lot of fastballs early in the season. For opposing hitters, it’s a lot to think about because they have four or five pitches to choose from,” he said.

LG will now look to top the pennant race in the second half of the season with a dominant batting line-up. The key will be the starting line-up. “In the first half, I was disappointed that we didn’t have four or five starters. “If we don’t solve the starting problem in the second half, the bullpen will be overloaded,” he said.

In the end, Lee Min-ho and Kim Yoon-sik, the existing starting pitchers, will have to step up. “I don’t think there are any more resources coming in from the bullpen,” said Lee Sung-woo. “I think the performance of Kim Yoon-sik and Lee Min-ho will determine whether LG will finish first in the pennant race. They are already proven resources. “They’re already proven resources, and they’re definitely going to be key players in the second half of the season, because they had good form last year.

LG manager Yoon Kyung-yeop.

LG Twins players.
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