Shiffrin achieves 83 wins in the Ski World Cup… Becoming a new ‘Empress’

 Michaela Shiffrin (28, USA) finally set a new record for the most wins and became the new ‘ski empress’.

At the 2022-2023 International Ski Federation (FIS) Alpine World Cup Women’s Giant Salom event held in Kronplatz, Italy on the 24th (Korean time), Shifrin recorded a total of 2 minutes 00 seconds 61 in the first and second times. won

In the last 8 she won in the giant slalom held in Slovenia, she won 82, tying the record for most wins in the women’s alpine event with Lindsay Vonn (USA). Shiffrin, who had not won any of the four competitions she entered, reached the height of 83 victories with the victory that day, surpassing her original record and becoming her new ski empress. 스포츠토토

Shiffrin rose to first place with a time of 58.72 in the first period, and also crossed the finish line in 1:1:89 in the second period, beating second place Lara Gut Bellamy (Switzerland) by 0.45 with a total record of 2:1:06. He won by overtaking by a second car.

If Shiffrin, who set a new record for most wins in the women’s division, adds 3 victories, she will also break the record for most wins in the male division of 86 set by Inge Marsten Mark (Sweden).

Considering her skills and her age, she is predicted to be the first to reach 100 wins.

Bonn achieved 82 wins at the age of 33, and Stenmark reached the height of 86 wins at the age of 33. Shiffrin’s age is still in her 20s, and she is maintaining the best skills in the world, so she can look forward to achieving 100 wins.

Shiffrin, who won his first win at the World Cup in December 2013, recorded the most wins in a single season with 17 wins in the 2018-2019 season. He has won 9 games this season and will play in 7 more matches.

Shiffrin will challenge for 84 wins in the giant slalom held at the same place on the 25th.

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