Seoul team’s home game between Suwon and Incheon? 0% realistic, will citizens understand? The best alternative is to use a sports complex

 The plan to build Jamsil Dome Stadium (tentative name)토토사이트 has finally been revealed to the world.

It was a moment that the baseball world had been longing for, but it was actually a disaster for the ‘two families under one roof’, the LG Twins and Doosan Bears. According to the construction plan put forward by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, games will have to be played at an alternative stadium starting from the 2026 season. Gocheok Sky Dome, which Kiwoom Heroes uses as its home stadium, and Mokdong Stadium, where amateur games are held, are being discussed as alternatives. In addition, it was reported that a temporary joint use plan for Suwon KT Wiz Park and SSG Landers Field was also discussed.

The problem is that the conditions in all of the places mentioned as alternatives are not good.

Gocheok Sky Dome is a stadium that Kiwoom leases from the Seoul Facilities Management Corporation and uses as its home stadium. On days when Kiwoom’s home games are not held, various large-scale indoor events and concerts are held here. It is unclear whether the ‘Deobu Living Team’ will be able to be added in a situation where it is difficult to schedule a rental due to the tight number of operating days throughout the year. The key question is whether the Seoul Facilities Management Corporation, which accounts for a large portion of rental income, will accept this.

Mokdong Stadium is currently being used as an amateur competition stadium, which disappeared when Dongdaemun Baseball Stadium was demolished prior to the construction of Gocheok Sky Dome. If a professional team moves in here, there will be a lack of space for student baseball players to play. There are Guui, Shinwol, and Gongneung Stadiums and Seoul Grand Park Stadium in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi-do, but conditions cannot meet the conditions for competitions at each level. The temporary presence of a professional team in Mokdong, which is scheduled to play home games from exhibition games in March until November, could cause another controversy given the conditions of Ama Baseball.

The plan for joint use of Suwon and Incheon is also unrealistic. Suwon is being used as the home stadium by the KT Wiz, and Incheon is being used as the home stadium by the SSG Landers. It is questionable whether fans will accept this even if they make concessions and start sharing the stadium. It is true that it has been difficult for fans to accept not only the long travel distance but also the ridiculous situation of the Seoul team having to play their home games outside of Seoul for several years. Mobile clubs also have to endure a decrease in not only spectator revenue but also marketing revenue that arises from not being able to utilize their home stadium properly. Above all, it is impossible to force existing clubs, which are teams outside of Seoul, to accept this situation. Currently, there are Incheon Asiad Main Stadium and Incheon Munhak Stadium, where only some concerts are being held without professional games, but these are also bound to face a lot of fan backlash.

In the end, it is considered the best solution to partially remodel Jamsil Sports Complex next to Jamsil Stadium and use it temporarily. Jamsil Main Stadium, which began remodeling work last month, is scheduled for completion in December 2026. If LG and Doosan play games at Jamsil Stadium until the 2026 season and then use Jamsil Sports Complex in the 2027 season, it is expected that the management of the two clubs and understanding of fans will be resolved. The Seoul Metropolitan Government is expressing difficulty in holding home games at the complex, where large-scale movement is inevitable, due to safety concerns, as construction is in progress across the entire complex. However, there is room for this to be offset by management of movement routes using subway exits that are open within the sports complex site.

The use of a baseball stadium in a sports complex can be done without much difficulty, looking at examples such as the London Stadium where Major League World Tour games are held. In particular, it is still worthy of discussion in that it can efficiently utilize the sports complex, which is inevitably ‘vacant’ during the construction period of the surrounding land.

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