Seongwon Choi’s unofficial salary increase rate is the highest ever recorded at 926.7%

The pay has risen about 10 times. This is a record that is hard to come by. Of course, the official increase rate is 339.6%, but the unofficial increase rate is 926.7%.

Choi Seong-won,카지노사이트 who obtained the qualification as a free agent (FA) at the end of last season, moved from Seoul SK to Anyang KGC. The FA hit the jackpot. He probably booked the No. 1 pick for the highest pay raise this season.

Choi Seong-won, who received an official salary of 91 million won last season, signed a 400 million won contract in this FA contract. The increase rate is 339.6%.

Of course, there are players such as Kim Min-gu (557.1%), Jang Min-guk and Kim Woo-ram (400%), and Moon Tae-jong (360%) who recorded a higher raise than Choi Seong-won, but it is clear that an increase rate of more than 300% is a rare record.

However, when it comes to Choi Seong-won’s actual salary last season, he wrote an increase rate that no one recorded.

Choi Seong-won started playing on the 24th after being discharged from the Armed Forces Sports Unit on November 23 last year.

Each club measures the remuneration of players who join the team after being discharged during the season according to their active period. Compensation is calculated based on the number of days available for participation as of May 31st.

However, there are differences in the calculation method for each team.

For example, Choi Seong-won was able to play 189 days, or 6 months and 7 days, from the day after he was discharged (November 24) to May 31.

In some clubs, the player’s annual salary divided by 365 (days) and then multiplied by 189 (days) can be set as compensation. Or, there are clubs that divide the annual salary by 12 (months), multiply it by 6 (months), and add the remaining 7 days to determine the compensation.

It is the difference between giving priority to a daily wage or a monthly wage, which follows the calculation method of each company.

What is important is the standard of salary, not compensation (salary + incentive). Seongwon Choi’s salary for the 2020-2021 season is 91 million won, but his annual salary is 75 million won.

Based on an annual salary of 75 million won, Choi Seong-won’s 2022-2023 season salary was calculated at 38.958 million won (based on KBL registration). There were no incentives.

Choi Seong-won played the best role last season despite receiving the lowest level of pay.

Choi Seong-won’s official salary is 91 million won, the same as the previous season’s salary before joining the military. However, the actual pay received is much less than this.

Seongwon Choi’s official salary increase rate is 339.6%, but the unofficial increase rate reflecting the actual salary received is 926.7%.

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