‘Second Shin Yu-bin’ Kim Na-young leads the team to 5 consecutive wins with 2 points in singles

 At ​​the end of the regular season, the Korea Professional Table Tennis League (KTTL) is fiercely competing for rankings.

1st place POSCO International (POSCOIN) won 3-1 over 4th place Mirae Asset Securities, securing its lead with Pajuk’s 5th consecutive win. Men’s Samsung Life Insurance won 3-1 over the 7th Korean Racing Association, widening the gap with the 2nd placed Armed Forces Sports Corps (30 points, 8 wins and 4 losses).

Poscoin (Director Jeon Hye-gyeong) held the ‘2023 Dunamu Korea Professional Table Tennis League (KTTL)’ Women’s Korea League match held at Studio T, a table tennis stadium in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do on the 12th. Adding a point, they defeated Mirae Asset Securities with a match score of 3-1.

Poscoin has confirmed its natural enemy relationship by winning 8 matches against Mirae Asset Securities over two seasons since the launch of the pro league. Poscoin, which had a cumulative score of 32 (9 wins and 4 losses), took a step closer to winning the regular league by widening the gap with Samsung Life Insurance (29 points, 8 wins and 5 losses) by 3 points.

Poscoin took the lead by Ace Yang Ha-eun catching Yu Eun-chong 2-0 (11-6 14-12) in the 1 match ‘eldest sister’ match. Yang Ha-eun, who knows how to play Yu Eun-chong, worked well.

In the second match, Nayoung Kim caught Jeon Hee 2-1 (11-7 8-11 12-10) and created a stir. 3rd round defeat revenge. Kim Na-young took one game온라인바카라 (set) with a tricky service and backhand attack, but gave up two games to Jeon Ji-hee’s skillful play. After that, she struggled, trailing 7-10 in 3 games, but with excellent concentration, she scored 5 consecutive points and caught a big fish.

The next 3 matches were expected to be tight due to the doubles 2nd place (4 wins, 0 losses) Kim Na-young-Yoo Han-na pair and 3rd place (4 wins 1 loss) Yoon Hyo-bin-Shim Hyun-joo pair, but Yuhan-na’s strong wrist play in front of the net and Kim Na-young’s sharp attack were the opponents. They broke through the defense and won 11-8, 11-2. A situation where the game was decided 3-0.

However, a 4-match ace match unfolded with an overwhelming lead and 1 point recovery. Jeon Ji-hee regained one point by beating Yang Ha-eun 2-1 (8-11 13-11 11-6) as if she could not lose like this. Mirae Asset Securities (26 points, 6 wins and 8 losses) saved the embers of chasing Korean Air (27 points, 7 wins and 6 losses) in 3rd place with this 1 point.

In the men’s Korea League, Samsung Life Insurance (director Lee Chul-seung) defeated the Korean Racing Association (director Choi Young-il) with a match score of 3-1 thanks to the two points of ace Seung-min Cho and the performance of ‘League’s strongest duo’ Lee Sang-soo and Cho Dae-seong, winning the regular league championship by 7 points. crossed the line of failure.

When Mirae Asset Securities wins, with a cumulative score of 38 or more, the 2nd-place Armed Forces Athletic Corps (30 points, 8 wins, 4 losses) will win the league regardless of the remaining games.

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