Samsung pitcher Buchanan on ‘explosion of hits’ “I’d like to spin the bat every chance I get!” [SS Interview].

“If I get a chance during the season, I’ll take the bat and swing.”바카라

As a pitcher, he caught a fly out in right field, and at the plate, he had an RBI single against the league’s best closer. He danced throughout the game and drew attention by appearing in military uniform before the 70th anniversary of the Korean War armistice. Pitcher David Buchanan (34-Samsung), who won 16 games last season (2021), became a new stealer at the 2023 KBO League All-Star Game.
Speaking to reporters after the game, Buchanan said, “I thought Hanwha’s Chae Eun-sung (who hit the grand slam) should get the MVP award. Today I was just trying to enjoy the festivities as much as possible. I played good defence and got a nice hit, so I’m happy with that.”

As for the Most Valuable Player award? “It would have been nice,” Buchanan said, “but I didn’t go into it thinking about it. I was focused on interacting with the fans as much as possible and having a good time, so that’s fine. I also got a commemorative ball for my first hit, so I’ll take some good memories with me.”
Buchanan stepped to the plate with two outs in the top of the ninth inning. The opposing pitcher was Go Woo-seok (LG), the KBO’s “strongest closer” who won the Relief Pitcher of the Year award last year. After a six-pitch battle, Buchanan took a 150-kilometre-per-hour fastball to centre field for an RBI single.

“I was lucky to get the hit because he wasn’t pitching at 100 per cent,” Buchanan said with a smile.

It was a coincidence that Buchanan was dressed as an Air Force pilot from the film Top Gun. The All-Star Game commemorated the 70th anniversary of the end of the Korean War. The Republic of Korea Navy’s color guard put on a spectacular performance on the field. With the ceremony taking place, some people wondered if Buchanan, who was dressed in a military uniform, knew about it in advance and prepared a military outfit.

“I didn’t know, I wasn’t told, I was just lucky that the ‘baseball gods’ put me in the right outfit for such a momentous occasion,” Buchanan said.
Buchanan’s hit also brought up the name of Shohei Ohtani (Los Angeles Angels), a two-hitter in Major League Baseball (MLB). “It’s an honour to be mentioned alongside him,” said Buchanan. “I’m honoured to be mentioned alongside him, and I’d love to get a chance to swing the bat during the season,” he said.

Buchanan joined the KBO in 2020 and has been playing for the Samsung Lions for four seasons. He is the ace pitcher for Samsung with a career record of 49 wins (26 losses) as of the 15th, but will he be able to bat during the season? It was a night that made fans happy with Buchanan’s All-Star Game performance.

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