‘Red & Blue’ Wembley is divided! A celebration and a war!

This is a Sports Chosun.com reporter] Red and Blue. Wembley is exactly divided. Wembley is heating up ahead of the match.

Wembley Park station in front of the stadium. Wembley is located at the junction of the Metropolitan and Jubilee lines. Fans from both teams had already filled the Olympic Way a few hours before the start of the game. Heading to Wembley, we sang and shouted cheering slogans. At the same time, they booed each other.메이저사이트

It was both a festival and a war. It was the first Manchester derby in FA Cup history. It wasn’t common to come here. They were confident of winning each other.

Both teams put together the best squads. Manchester City started with Moreno, Walker, Dias, Stones, Gundogan, Harlan, Grealish, Rodri, The Bruiner, Bernardo and Akanzi. De Gea, Lindelos, Bruno, Rashford, Eriksen, Fred, Casemiro, Baran, Shaw, Sancho and Wan-Bissaka are on for Manchester United.

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