Reached 1200 ‘likes’, “Especially outstanding play!” Kim Ha-seong’s activity video, SD fan interest ‘explosion’

The edited version of San Diego Padres infielder Kim Ha-sung’s performance is receiving a lot of attention.메이저놀이터

San Diego won 6-0 in the 2023 Major League Chicago Cubs home game held at Petco Park in San Diego, California, USA on the 4th (hereinafter Korean time).

Kim Ha-seong, who started as second baseman and 7th hitter, contributed to the team’s victory by going 2 at bats, 2 hits, 1 walk, 1 run, a stolen base, and a sacrifice bunt. Ha-sung Kim’s batting average for the season rose from the previous 2.5% to 2.5%.

Bottom of the second inning with a score of 0-0. Kim Ha-seong succeeded in sending bunts from 1st and 2nd base, and it became a chance for 1 company, 2nd and 3rd base. San Diego, who took the lead with Brandon Dixon’s sacrifice fly, took a 2-0 lead with Trent Grisham’s timely hit. In the bottom of the third, Fernando Tatis Jr.’s solo home run hit.

[Photo] San Diego infielder Kim Ha-seong. ⓒGettyimages (unauthorized reproduction and redistribution prohibited)

Ha-seong Kim took the lead in the second at-bat in the 4th inning and hit a double in right field. It was a hit after 2 games since the trip to Miami on the 2nd. Kim Ha-seong also hit a double against Miami.

Kim Ha-seong picked a walk in the third at-bat in the 6th inning and recorded multiple on-base. He was caught stealing base after going on base, but was made safe by sprinting. He was the 11th stolen base success of the season. Kim Ha-seong once again took the lead in the 8th inning and scored a hit to the left.

He was good at hitting and stable in defense. said, “Especially second baseman Kim Ha-seong contributed greatly to the excellent play” to Darvish Yu’s hot pitch that day. Kim Ha-seong played second baseman that day, but moved to shortstop from the 7th inning to secure the infield.

The San Diego club’s official Twitter posted only pictures of Kim Ha-sung’s defensive scenes. This photo has been viewed more than 54,000 times and ‘Like’ clicks have exceeded 1,200 times.

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