Puig ‘crisis’…federal judge rejects papers in racial charge, trial in August

A U.S. federal judge has dismissed Yasiel Puig’s request for documents related to a racist indictment.

Los Angeles media reported on Wednesday (local time) that Puig’s request for the release of a large body of documents providing credence for a selective prosecution based on race for U.S. federal judge Dolly Gee lying to investigators in an illegal gambling case . said to have refused.

Judge Dolly Gee said, 메이저사이트“The court respectfully denies the motion because Puig has not produced credible evidence that the agents interrogated with discriminatory intent.”

Puig’s defense team had asked the court to order authorities to turn over records of the investigative pattern of the prosecution team that led the five-year investigation into Puig charged with two felony counts.

The defense team accused government investigators of implicit bias in the way they treated black witnesses.

“I became interested in this case because I saw a clear racial prejudice in the way the agents treated Puig,” civil rights attorney Ben Crump said. “While we did not, we prosecuted Puig for alleging misrepresentation and obstruction in a single interview. Puig merely witnessed illegal gambling.”

Puig is set to stand trial in August on charges of making false statements and obstruction of justice.

According to prosecutors, Puig began placing bets on games in May 2019 through an unidentified man who worked on behalf of an illegal gambling operation run by Wayne Nix of the Newport Coast. Prosecutors claimed Puig lost $282,900 in one month.

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