Private Kim Ruri’s visit to Jamsil. From the canceled grounds to the rainy ceremony in Shigu [Jamsil site].

On the 30th, the Doosan Bears-LG Twins game was canceled due to rain in the afternoon.

먹튀검증The decision to cancel the game was made at 5 p.m., and the tarp was sagging and the rain was falling hard. Suddenly, a man in an LG jersey walked up to the mound.

It was actor Moon Sang-hoon, who was scheduled to throw out the ceremonial first pitch. Moon Sang-hoon is known as “Moon Sam” and “Moon Sang-gi” on YouTube’s “Fasteners” channel, and has made a name for himself as an actor with his portrayal of Kim Jung-hoon, a man with autism, in “Strange Lawyer Woo Young-woo,” as well as his recent role as “Kim Ruri” in the drama “D.P.” Season 2.

Moon Sang-hoon said, “I am honored to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the LG Twins’ home game, which has a good forecast for 2023. When fall comes, I want to come back wearing a glossy jumper,” he said.

However, due to rain, he was unfortunately unable to throw out the ceremonial first pitch. To make up for it, he took the mound alone on a baseball field with no players or spectators.

After bowing and greeting the first and third basemen as if there were spectators, Moon took a set position and made a shoulder motion to first base. He then threw a ball to home plate and performed a ceremony.

After running back in, Moon emerged from the dugout 10 minutes later. He began to circle the field, where the tarp was sagging. After slowly rounding first, second, and third base, Moon tried to slide head-first in front of home plate, but he stopped in front of the plate without sliding.

Sometimes a pitcher performs a rain ceremony when a game is canceled, but Moon may be the first pitcher to perform a rain ceremony with a pitcher.

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