‘Pinch hitter’ Kim Ha-seong walked on base in the top of the 9th inning and scored… SD lost by two home runs in the bottom of the ninth inning

Kim Ha-seong (San Diego Padres) played as a pinch hitter and scored one point. However, the team suffered a come-from-behind loss by allowing two homers in the bottom of the ninth.

Ha-seong Kim appeared as a pinch hitter in the top of the 6th inning in the 2023 major league match against the Colorado Rockies held at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado, USA on the 12th (Korean time) and recorded no hits, 1 run and 1 walk in 1 at bat.먹튀검증

San Diego: Fernando Tatis Jr. (Right Field) – Juan Soto (Left Field) – Manny Machado (3 Base) – Gary Sanchez (Catcher) – Zander Bogaerts (Shortstop) – Jake Cronenworth (1 Base) – Rugned Odor (2) Baseman) – Matt Carpenter (designated hitter) – Trent Grisham (center fielder). Starting pitcher Blake Snell.

Colorado: Jurickson Profar (DH) – Ezekiel Tovar (Shortstop) – Ryan McMahon (3B) – Randall Grichuk (Right Field) – Elefris Montero (1B) – Nolan Jones (Left Field) – Coco Montes Second baseman) – Brenton Doyle (center fielder) – Austin Winns (catcher) formed a lineup. Denelson Lannette started.

In the bottom of the first inning, Colorado succeeded in overpowering the team. With no runners on the first runner, Tovar caught Snell’s two-pitch changeup and hit it over the left-middle fence.

In the top of the third inning, San Diego balanced. Leading batter Tatis got a hit and went out. Then came Lamet’s error in check and throw. Tatis went around second base and advanced to third base. In an instant scoring opportunity, Soto’s sacrifice fly RBI tied the game.

San Diego succeeded in turning around in the top of the 4th inning. Leading batter Bogatz hit a double and went out. Cronenworth then hit Lamet’s slider and crossed the right fence. Odore then got a hit and walked out. Carpenter struck out, but Grisham hit and Tatis walked on base, making the bases loaded with one out. However, Soto’s double play came out.

Kim Ha-seong came to the plate in place of Odo-eo in the situation where there was no runner in the first run in the 6th inning. However, he withdrew due to a floating ball in center field.

Snell came off the mound after pitching well with 1 run (1 earned), 3 hits (1 home run) and 12 strikeouts in 7 innings. However, Luis Garcia, who took the mound for relief in the bottom of the 8th inning, collapsed. After being hit by leadoff hitter Jones, he hit a tying two-run home run by Montes, who made his big league debut.

However, in the beginning of the ninth inning, Kim Ha-seong went on base with a walk without a runner. This was followed by a hit in front of Carpenter’s right fielder. Ha-seong Kim advanced to third base while right fielder Grichuk couldn’t catch the ball properly. It was two outs due to Grisham’s bunt foul, but pitcher Justin Lawrence’s wild throw came out. Kim Ha-seong quickly came home and went ahead again.

However, in the bottom of the ninth, McMahon, who came out as the lead batter, hit Tom Cosgrove’s three-pitch slider and hit a home run to tie the game. The game was then suspended due to pouring rain. After waiting for more than an hour, the game resumed. After Cosgrove, he got two outs on the mound, but Jones hit a walk-off home run and the game ended.

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