Park Ji-soo, living in the present, double-double in 3 consecutive games

‘I stay in the present. Therefore, I will be faithful to this moment. Whatever it is.’ This is the resolution Park Ji-soo promised before the game.

KB Stars won 79-75 after twists and turns in a head-to-head match against Yongin Samsung Life Insurance held at Yongin Gymnasium on the 25th.

After the game, the content of the KB Stars game was not good enough for coach Kim Wan-soo and the players to express their great regret about the game. Samsung Life lost Bae Hye-yoon, and KB Stars played a difficult game despite the return of Park Ji-soo. Fortunately, Kang I-seul (27 points) and Kim Min-jung (20 points), who solved each hurdle one by one, and Park Ji-soo (11 points, 14 rebounds and 5 assists), who created a double-double, were the main players.

Park Ji-soo took a hiatus due to panic disorder and started competing on December 17th. In the first half, he played for 7 minutes and 58 seconds (vs. Hanawon Q, December 17) and only scored 2 points, and also scored 30 points in 36 minutes and 55 seconds (vs. Shinhan Bank, 36 minutes and 55 seconds). There was also a difference in his playing time, but there were also ups and downs due to an incomplete physical condition.

However, there was no ups and downs during the 3 games played by KB Stars in the second half. He compiled a double-double every game. Before the game with Samsung Life Insurance, coach Kim Wan-soo said of Park Ji-soo, “The muscle mass is also rising. He is being talked to by his trainer and he says his body is improving little by little and there are no injuries anywhere else. If he holds up well without injury, I think he will get better.” 안전놀이터

Panic disorder is generally a chronic disease that rarely recovers spontaneously. Even if you don’t show any symptoms, you need to be constantly concerned and cared for. It’s important to recover your physical condition, but it’s even more important to maintain a calm psychological state. What is Park Ji-soo’s psychological sensitivity right now?

Director Kim Wan-soo said, “If you have any precursor symptoms during training, give them a little time to down. It’s not to the extent of doing high-intensity training, but we are digesting the training we do together. He knows the condition best, so he is in control.”

Park Ji-soo’s performance in the first half of the day was not good. He made an error as he couldn’t overcome the struggle with the cooperative defense under the goal, and it wasn’t until the second quarter that he scored his first point with a free throw.

But in the second half, he awakened. He made his first field goal in the third quarter, a long-range shot, and scored from under the net. He actively engaged in the rebound fight, building up defenses on himself and creating chances by passing to his teammates. After trailing 64-66 at the beginning of the fourth quarter, he scored under the goal to tie the game at 66-66. As Park Ji-soo created a platform for victory, Kang I-seul, Huh Ye-eun, and Kim Min-jung worked hard to complete the victory.

After the game, Isul Kang said, “Even if (Park) Ji-soo is sitting on the bench, it has a positive effect. He is a player who is helpful in many areas, including defense, rebounding and assists, even if he does not score directly. The difference between having and not having Jisoo seems to be very large,” he said about Park Jisoo’s influence.

Currently, Park Ji-soo is getting better for himself and for his team. And he is faithful every moment he faces.

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