Park Eun-young, a 2nd year unemployed, advances to the semifinals by defeating the top seed!

In the quarterfinals of the women’s singles at the 21st Odongdo Cup Yeosu Open Tennis Championships, Park Eun-yeong (Suwon City Hall), who has been unemployed for 2 years, defeated No. 1 seed Jung Hyo-joo (Incheon City Hall) with a set score of 2-0 It caused a stir to advance to the semifinals. 

In the quarterfinals of the women’s singles held at Jinnam Tennis Court in Yeosu on March 3, Park Eun-young harassed Jeong Hyo-joo with a long shot into her opponent’s left and right courts and a powerful forehand based on her stable defense in her first set 3-3, 7-5. Victory overpowered her.

In her second set, Eun-Young Park led the game with her strong attack of Hyo-Joo Jeong, efficient defense and solid point management, finishing the set 6-2 comfortably and enjoying the joy of advancing to the semifinals for the first time since her debut in unemployment. .

After the match, Park Eun-young said, “With her first set 3-3 in a close match, she started to feel like she could win the match today바카라사이트, and her stable defense and when the opportunity came, she boldly solved the game. In the second set, she was able to harass her opponent with quick one-beat attacks and bold drives,” she said.

Park Eun-young’s next opponent was decided to be Kim Da-ye (Incheon City Hall). Daye Kim advanced to the semifinals after defeating Nahyeon Kang (Suwon City Hall) 6-3 5-7 6-3.

Oh Eun-ji (Myongji University), who continues to be a sensation in the women’s college division, defeated Jang Soo-ha (Korea Expressway Corporation) with a set score of 2-0 and caused a stir by advancing to the semifinals of the open tournament for the first time in her life.

Oh Eun-ji won the first set 6-6, not giving up even a single point in the tie-break, winning 7 points first, 7-6, driving momentum and winning the second set 6-3, advancing to the semifinals with a fighting spirit Da-hye Kim (Gangwon Provincial Office) 6-4 6-1, Na-Ri Kim (Suwon City Hall) takes on a new challenge.

College students Chu Seok-hyeon (Soonchunhyang University) and Ahn Seok (Pusan ​​National University), who had high expectations in the men’s singles quarterfinals, failed to advance to the semifinals without overcoming the wall of unemployment.

Choo Seok-hyeon played a close match against Andong City Hall’s Kang Gu-geon (Andong City Hall) to a full set, 1-6 6-3 3-6, and Ahn Seok-hyun was defeated by 3rd seed Jeong Hong (Gimpo City Hall) 1-6 3-6, making it to the semifinals. Failing to advance, he turned around in front of the high wall of unemployment.

In the semi-finals, Kang Gu-Geon and Jeong-Hong met on a single road to advance to the final, and Lee Jae-Moon (KDB Industrial Bank) won a come-from-behind victory 3-6 6-3 6-4 after a close battle with Park Min-Jong (Army Sports Corps) until the final set. I met Shin San-hee (Sejong City Hall) at the corner of the final, who had a lucky draw over Kim Jae-hwan (Anseong City Hall).

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