One or two games left, “I don’t know”

Jang Cheon-Nok (Hangame Baduk = Reporter Han Chang-Gyu) Celltrion defeated Cheong-Kwan Jang Cheon-Nok 3-1 in the last game of the 17th week of the 2022-2023 KB Kookmin Bank Baduk League held on the evening of the 23rd (Interleague Round 6, 4 games).

Celltrion was the winner of the previous quarter and the runner-up team of the previous quarter. As the protection period of key players who have been active so far has expired, this season has resulted in a significant replacement of players. Perhaps because of that, most of the rankings this season have been up and down in the mid-lower ranks.

Cheon-Nok Jeong,먹튀검증 who faced 5th place in the interim match, was a strong team who secured the 1st place in the Sudam League early on with a 9-game winning streak. Celltrion, which is close to ‘defeat = elimination’, took an important match with a come-from-behind victory by Kim Myung-hoon 9th and Chan-hee Yoon 9th, and Choi Chul-han 9th.

Celltrion, which earned 3 points in a game that could be called a crossroads, jumped to second place. As a result of one game, it is a three-level rise. At the same time, it also paved the way for them to advance into the postseason on their own.

Jeong Kwan Jang Cheon-nok’s tie for the most consecutive wins by a team in a single season was broken. It fell one step short of the 10-game winning streak that POSCO Future M had in the 2016 season and the 10-game streak that Cheong-Kwan-Jang Cheon-Nok had in the 2017 season.

The ranking of the regular season, which determines each of the three teams that will advance to the postseason, is the current Nanga League, Korea Price Information (29 points), Celltrion (23 points), Kicks (22 points), Com2Stagem (22 points), Posco Future M (21 points). points), followed by Treasure Island (9 points). In the Sudam League, Jeonggwanjang Cheonnok (30 points), Ulsan Korea Zinc (25 points), Go Mecca Uijeongbu (24 points), Wonik (24 points), Suryeohan Hapcheon (23 points), Nippon Kiwon (3 points).

The Nanga League’s Korean price information confirmed the postseason, and Jeonggwanjang Cheonnok confirmed the 1st place in the Sudam League, but the 2nd to 5th places in the Nanga League and the 2nd to 5th places in the Sudam League, where the score gap is extremely close, are likely to advance to the postseason. All are open. Each team has only 1-3 games remaining.

In terms of individual wins up to the 17th week, Shin Jin-seo, 9th Dan, kept the lead with 18 wins and 2 losses. After that, Shin Min-Jun 9P recorded 16 wins and 3 losses, Kim Myeong-Hoon 9P 14 wins and 4 losses, Park Jeong-Hwan 9P 13 wins and 6 losses, and Byeon Sang-Il 9P 13-7. As for the results of the ace match, Byeon Sang-il, 9th Dan, won 5 wins, Shin Jin-seo, 9th Dan, 5 wins and 1 loss, and Shin Min-jun, 9th Dan, 4 wins and 1 loss.

From this coming Wednesday, it will lead to the 18th week. Daejineun Treasure Island Elite – Kicks (26th), POSCO Future M – Com2Stagem (27th), Celltrion – Korea Price Information (28th), Com2Stagem – Suryeohan Hapcheon (29th), Treasure Island Elite – Japan Prayer (30th) ).For the first time in history, the regular season, which is operated by two major leagues, has 12 teams playing 16 games each, with the top three teams in each league advancing to the postseason. 3 points for a 4-0 or 3-1 win, 2 points for a 3-2 win and 1 point for a 2-3 loss.

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