Oh Se-geun-Spellman-Monroe KGC triple post, EASL’s hidden card. chance of success?

Will the ‘triple post’ of Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation turn into a ‘hidden card’?

KGC, which is running at the top, will participate in the EASL (East Asian Super League). On the 27th, I arrived at Utsunomiya, the place of the decisive battle, via Tokyo, Japan via Incheon International Airport.

Eight teams, including KGC and Seoul SK Knights, will participate in this tournament to determine the strongest player in the East Asian Pro League.

KGC will play the first round of preliminary rounds against Taiwan’s Fubon Braves in Utsunomiya, Japan on the 1st, and then move to Okinawa, Japan to play against San Miguel Beerman on the 4th. After playing the Bay Area Dragons on the 2nd안전놀이터, SK will play TNT Tropang Giga on the 3rd.

In this tournament, two foreign players can be used at the same time. It’s nice to see you from KGC’s point of view. KGC, which does not have a wide rotation, has high-quality foreign players such as Daryl Monroe and Omari Spellman. Both players are very helpful to the team.

KGC coach Kim Sang-sik said, “We will actively rotate” regarding the frame for appointing players for this tournament. It means that while maximizing the amount of activity, it focuses on the inside and outside attacks by the unique motion offense.

The hidden card is the ‘triple post’.

Manager Kim said, “I can use two foreign players at the same time. I will actively utilize this part. If necessary, I am also considering a triple post.”

It means that Monroe, Spellman, and Oh Se-geun will be put in at the same time.

In fact, the triple post runs counter to the flow of modern basketball. It is modern basketball where the small lineup is the mainstream regardless of position, focusing on transition and activity. In other words, let alone triple post, double post basketball is gradually disappearing.

However, KGC is sufficient. Spellman is a typical No. 3 when it comes to offensive moves this season. He also attacks mismatches under the goal, but basically plays the role of a typical shooter, mainly using a 3-point shot and a mid-jumper. Of course, his offensive proportion is very high, and he reliably secures the base of the goal in defense.

Monroe is the de facto floor leader. He has a very keen eye for reading basketball. He doesn’t have great speed or athletic ability, but his ‘lead and react’ on the court is top-notch. He has excellent passing skills and instinctively knows how to take the lead. In other words, if two players are used, position duplication does not occur. Rather, synergistic effects can occur. With strong athleticism, Spellman can be used as an excellent scorer, and Monroe can maximize Spellman’s power through effective passing and under-the-goal defense. Oh Se-geun is put in here.

Oh Se-geun has great power, but he is also good at shooting. The mid-jumper is very accurate, and his 3-point shot is as accurate as any other shooter. In other words, if Oh Se-geun is put in, he can act as a linker connecting Monroe and my outskirts. He can also mix up a high-low game with Monroe and get out as a stretch big man.

The biggest weakness of the triple post is that it makes it very difficult to create space under the basket. Because there are three big men on the court. However, KGC has little to do with it. Spellman can concentrate on the perimeter play that he is comfortable with, and Oh Se-geun and Monroe, who have mid-jumper ability, can create instant space under the goal by going back and forth between the inside and outside. In addition, both Monroe and Oh Se-geun are excellent at reading the game, so they can instantly poke the opponent’s defensive weaknesses. In addition, it is possible to target mismatches that occur naturally due to the triple post.

In 2019, Hyundai Mobis, the strongest at the time, used a triple post, but did not see much benefit. It’s not an easy system. However, it is attractive as a surprise card that catches opponents off guard. Coach Kim Sang-shik is the commanding tower that selects rational patterns that fit the characteristics of players and detailed tactics. Can KGC’s triple post become a ‘hidden card’ in the East Asian Super League? Noticed.

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