No. 7 typhoon ‘Ran’ approaches… Dome game cancelled again, Orix “cancelled SoftBank game scheduled for 15th Osaka Dome for safety reasons”

A professional baseball game scheduled to be played at the dome has been cancelled.

The Oryx Buffaloes have announced the cancellation of their home game against the SoftBank Hawks at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka on the 15th. The decision was made in response to weather forecasts indicating that Typhoon Ran, a Category 7 typhoon, will approach the Kinki region centred on Osaka on the 15th.

Games at the dome can be played regardless of the weather, including rain and wind. The Oryx decided to postpone the game in consideration of the safety of the spectators who will be attending the game. There are concerns about the safety of spectators travelling to and from the game. The Oryx also announced today that all areas of the Osaka Dome, including the captain’s shop, will be temporarily closed.온라인카지노

This is the second dome game to be cancelled due to a typhoon this season.

On the 9th, SoftBank cancelled a game against the Rakuten Eagles at the Fukuoka Dome. At the time, Typhoon No. 6 “Kanun” was heading north towards Kyushu, where Fukuoka is located.

It had been 16 years since the Oryx game at Fukudoka Dome on 2 August 2007 was cancelled due to the effects of a typhoon.

The Oryx are in first place in the Pacific League as of the 14th. SoftBank, who were tied for the lead with the Oryx and Chiba Lotte Marines in the first half of the season, have slipped to third place.

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