Myeong-hyeon-man, who knocked out UFC Chris Barnett in a row, returns to Road FC after 5 years!

 “I want to finish my career as a player at Road FC.”

Myeonghyeonman (37), the ‘Lion of Myeongseung’, returns to Road FC. On the 30th, a special match press conference was held at Gallery K, Namsan Tower, Seoul.

Myung Hyun-man and Road FC middleweight champion Hwang In-soo (28) will have a 4-minute, 3-round kickboxing match at the Goyang Gymnasium in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do on February 25, and Myung Hyeon-man and Kwon Ah-sol (34) will sparr on the 31st.

Road FC chairman Jeong Moon-hong, who sat with the three players on the day, said, “After the special match, Myung Hyun-man will play again as a road FC heavyweight. Please look forward to it.”

Myeong Hyeon-man, who played many matches as a stand-up martial artist, played MMA as a Road FC player in 2017. His performance at Road FC did not build much in his career with two wins in a row, but he had a strong impact as both wins were won by Chris Barnett, who is currently active in the UFC. He won his 2 fights by TKO and KO, enthralling the fans. 스포츠토토

If Myeong-Hyun Man returns, he will climb the Road FC cage again after 5 years. Myung Hyun-man said, “I wanted to finish his playing career at Road FC. The match has not been confirmed yet, but I will show my best performance to the fans.”

Myung Hyeon-man is a strong player who has conquered standing martial arts. He was the heavyweight champion in Max FC and AFC. Experts are evaluating that if Myung Hyeon-man plays in the road FC, it will bring great vitality to the heavyweight class.

On the other hand, regarding the confrontation with Hwang In-soo, Myung Hyun-man said, “Hwang In-soo is a good player, but I have never met a strong opponent. He said, “Hwang In-soo has risen in boxing, but my punches are stronger. He showed strong confidence, saying, “I will finish it with a punch.”

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