‘Mr. Pout’ Kelly injured groin while participating in ‘Venkle’

On July 29, 2020 (Korean time), the Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Houston Astros match was held at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas, USA.

Tension flowed between the two teams, who met again three years after the 2017 World Series.

This is because it was revealed that Houston engaged in sign stealing during the World Series. The Dodgers players were angry, and some pitchers predicted a ‘bean ball’.

Eventually, the case came to an end. 먹튀검증The main character was Joe Kelly. Since Kelly was with the Boston Red Sox in 2017, she took the gun despite having no reason to feel bad for Houston.

In the bottom of the 6th inning with a lead of 5-2, Kelly made a relief mound and threatened Alex Bregman, a member of the 2017 World Series, with a fastball that fell behind him on the 4th pitch after one out. Then, he hit the nerves of the Houston bench by throwing check balls to first base three times in a row.

Kelly then gave up a walk to Yulieski Gurriel before facing Carlos Correa. Correa threw a more blatant ‘beanball’. He threw the ball toward the batter’s head from the first pitch, and then threw the next ball close to Correa’s body. Kelly, who finished the inning without conceding by striking out Correa on a swing at the end of a 6-pitch game, looked at Correa as he went down the mound and pouted. it was ridiculed

Correa reacted unpleasantly to this, and players from both teams came out to the ground and confronted each other. The situation ended without a collision, but it went to the brink of a scuffle.

Later, ahead of Houston’s visit to Los Angeles, a mural of Kelly pouting appeared on the street.

Artist Jonas Never painted a mural of Kelly mocking Houston players two miles from Dodger Stadium. Kelly even took a commemorative photo of her in front of her mural with her family. Everyone pouted.

She left the Dodgers in 2022 to wear a Chicago White Sox uniform.

In the White Sox vs. Pittsburgh Pirates match held on the 4th, Pittsburgh’s O’Neal Cruz ran home in the bottom of the 6th and collided with catcher Sevi Zavala.

Cruise complained of pain in his ankle and was unable to get up for a while. Shocked, Zavala shouted at Cruz. Then, players from both teams ran out of the dugout. The players in the bullpen also rushed to the scene. Fortunately, it didn’t go to a fistfight.

Kelly was injured in the process. When the bench clearing situation occurred, Kelly hurriedly ran to the infield. She eventually suffered an injury to her groin and she was placed on the injured list.

Kelly has played 3 games this season and
is recording an earned run average of 10.13 with 3 runs (3 earned) in 2.2 innings.

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