Mourinho has done it again! Leading AS Roma to Europa League final

AS Roma drew 0-0 with Bayer Leverkusen in the second leg of the 2022-23 European Football Association (UEFA) Europa League semifinals held at the Bay Arena at 4 am (Korean time) on the 19th. After winning the first leg 1-0, Roma advanced to the final with an aggregate score of 1-0.

The home team, Leverkusen,메이저사이트 came up with a 3-4-2-1 formation. Azmun stood at the front, and Diaby and Birtz were placed in the second line. Baker, Palacios, Demirbay, and Frimpong were in the 3rd line, and Incapie, Ta, and Topsoba formed the Three Bag. In goal, Hradeki was tired.

The away team Roma is in a 3-5-2 formation. In the front, Abraham and Belotti stood as two tops, and in the second line were Spinazzola, Pellegrini, Matic, Bob, and Selique. The three-backs were Ibanez, Cristante, and Mancini, and the goalkeeper was Patricio.

The match was dominated by Leverkusen. Leverkusen attacked Roma with 60% possession. Rome’s tactics were clear. It was solid defense. Roma, already ahead, concentrated on defense, while Leverkusen rushed into attack.

Roma’s defense was solid. Leverkusen tried 23 shots but failed to open the goal. On the other hand, Roma tried only one shot and had no effective shots. Roma kept a clean sheet, making only the necessary substitutions, and eventually succeeded in advancing to the final.

Coach Mourinho succeeded in advancing to the finals of European club competitions in most of the teams he served, including FC Porto, Inter Milan, Manchester United, and AS Roma, and won the championship. Coach Mourinho has a 100% win rate in the European club finals.

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