‘Money is no longer important’ Jang Won-jun, it is difficult to recover his honor at this rate

Is Jang Won-joon (38), the pitcher with the most wins (129 wins) in Doosan’s active career, living up to the manager’s expectations?

The content of the trial game is not very good. Although it is not possible to say that the results of the exhibition game are everything, it is a meaningful number for Jang Won-joon, who sees every moment as a test.토토사이트

Jang Won-joon played in 4 games in the 2023 exhibition game and recorded an average ERA of 4.50 over 4 innings.

They gave up runs in two of their four games and brought home a succession runner in one. It’s hard to say that the content was very good.

The restraints are also regrettable. At the beginning of the spring camp, the speed was raised to 138 km, raising expectations, but the speed is not higher than that.

In order to be sure to deal with a left-handed hitter, you need to come up to about 140 km, but it is difficult to see that much speed.

Director Lee Seung-yeop is showing trust in Jang Won-joon.

It is this coach who reached out to Jang Won-joon, who was in danger of his retirement, saying, “If I retire, it will remain as a great regret in my baseball life.”

In his demonstration matches, he uses Jang Won-joon at important moments and hopes to show a strong performance in the match.

However, Jang Won-joon has yet to firmly establish himself.

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop also expressed his disappointment with Jang Won-joon by saying, “The only left-hander Pil Seung-jo at present is Lee Byung-hun.”

Recently, he made an unconventional choice to put Baek Seung-woo, who was a training player, into an exhibition game.

Both Lee Byung-hun and Baek Seung-woo continue to deliver powerful pitches that can catch the director’s eye. Compared to Jang Won-jun, who has not yet firmly established himself, young blood can be said to be ahead. For Jang Won-joon, it is an exhibition match with a sense of crisis.

Of course, we cannot guarantee that Lee Byung-Hun or Baek Seung-Woo can keep a good flow in the regular season. Jang Won-joon can be needed at any time.

In order to do that, Jang Won-joon has no choice but to wait while doing the best he can without letting go of baseball.

It is Jang Won-jun, whose annual salary has been cut to 50 million won. Money is no longer an important player. Jang Won-joon’s goal is only to restore his honor by throwing his own ball in his own style.

He’s still not living up to expectations. At this rate, it may be difficult for him to enter the opening entry. However, the team can always find Jang Won-joon.

This is a time when constant preparation and effort are required to not miss an opportunity. If you miss the opportunity to come to Jang Won-joon, it will be difficult to promise ‘tomorrow’.

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