Missing swing KKKK, 5 pennies and 6 li…Still, I believe in the Triple A home run king

 “I’m adjusting now”.

Jason Martin (27), a new foreign hitter for the NC Dinos, is struggling in the demonstration game. The command tower viewed it as an adaptation process and did not attach much significance to it. 

Martin got 22 at-bats in six games. 온라인카지노He picked up four walks and went 1-for-18. He is batting 5-6. He struck out 9 times. Most of them strike out on a swing. 

In the Gwangju game against the KIA Tigers on the 25th, he ate 4 strikeouts. In the first inning against Hyeonjong Yang, he swung all three pitches in vain. Even in the 3rd inning, he struck out Hyeon-jong Yang with a swing and withdrew.

In the 5th inning, left-hander Kim Ki-hoon swung in vain after 6 pitches, and in the 7th inning, Kim Dae-yu also struck out in a miss. He reacted by watching a lot of balls, but the right hit did not come out. Of the 22 pitches, only one hit the bat, and that was a foul ball. 

Although NC is the shortest (175cm) among all foreign hitters, he was evaluated as having excellent power and contact ability, and recruited him with a full bet of $1 million. He hit 6 home runs with the Texas Rangers in 2021, and in the 2022 season, he shot 32 home runs (tied for first place) in Triple A under the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Accuracy and power are yet to be demonstrated. After spring camp, he missed the early demonstration game due to tonsillitis, and has been playing since the 18th. This is the stage where you are starting to adapt to the KBO league’s strike zone and pitchers’ balls.

The midfield defense was excellent. Going over his head, he staged a scene where he comfortably caught a double hit with a sprint. If he adapts to the ball of pitchers in the KBO League, an active performance is expected. 

Coach Kang In-kwon also expected, “The defense is very good. He is quick on his feet and doesn’t worry about the defense. The batting is still in the process of adapting. If he adapts, he will show himself sufficiently.” He said he couldn’t get enough of the first drink. 

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