Messi, ‘accompanying with PSG’ the end is in sight.

The return of Lionel Messi (36, PSG) to FC Barcelona is gaining momentum.

Spain’s ‘Mundo Deportivo’ said on the 4th (Korean time), “Lionel Messi and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) are coming to an end.”

Messi parted ways with Barcelona at the end of the 메이저놀이터2020-2021 season. Messi actively negotiated a renewal contract with Barcelona and accepted the condition of a 50% salary cut, but left the club in tears as the club’s financial problems were not resolved.

Messi then headed to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). To date, he has appeared in 67 official matches, scoring 29 goals and providing 32 assists, showing his continued skills.

Messi’s contract with the club runs until June 30, 2023. He has less than three months left, but news of his contract renewal has not been heard.

In this situation, in the match between PSG and Olympique Lyonnais held at PSG’s home on the 3rd, PSG’s home crowd booed Messi. According to a report by the Spanish media ‘Sport’, PSG Ultras (dedicated fans) booed Messi from before the start of the game until the moment it ended. The media explained that fans were outraged by the recent elimination of the UEFA Champions League and rumors of a transfer to Barcelona.

It is likely that this season will be the last time Messi will play in a PSG uniform. Head coach Xavi Hernandez, who previously played together, said he welcomed Messi’s return, and in February, it was revealed that chairman Joan Laporta and Messi’s father, Jorge Messi, had a meeting, adding to the transfer rumors. Here, the possibility of returning is increasing as many media outlets, including the British ‘BBC’, report the news of Messi’s contact with Barcelona.

“The French media ‘L’Equipe’ reported that Messi would not play for PSG next season, and Barcelona vice-president Rafael Juste and Xavi both are delighted with the news of Messi’s return,” said Mundo Deportivo.

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