Manchester United Monthly MF’s ‘Shock Confession’… “In fact, my name is fake”

 World-class midfielder Casemiro (Manchester United) revealed a surprising fact.

The British Mirror said on the 5th (Korean time), “Casemiro has spent his entire career under the wrong name, including먹튀검증 at Manchester United.”

At Manchester United, Casemiro wears ‘Casemiro’ on the back of his shirt, but Casemiro’s real name is actually ‘Casimiro’ with an ‘i’, not an ‘e’.

The story of using the wrong name goes back to Casemiro’s days in São Paulo, when he started his professional career.

“My name is ‘Carlos Henrique Casimiro’,” Casemiro said.

Casemiro performed satisfactorily in the match he played in with the wrong name on it, which soon became a lucky charm for Casemiro.

“I did really well in that game. I’m a superstitious person. I asked the club, ‘The game went well, let it go’. Since then, my name has become ‘Casemiro’, but the correct name is ‘Carlos Henrique Casimiro’. ‘” he explained.

He went on to add that “just because it was given the wrong name because of a mistake in one match, there was no need to change it. So I told the club to keep it.”

Casemiro’s judgment was correct. After putting on his fake name, his career took off.

After leaving Sao Paulo, he joined Real Madrid, the Spanish giant, and after going on loan to Porto for a season, he won three consecutive UEFA (European Football Federation) Champions League titles with Luka Modric and Toni Kroos.

Casemiro, who achieved everything at Real, moved to Manchester United ahead of this season and took on a new challenge.

Although he recently received his first direct send-off in his career in a match against Crystal Palace, he is active as a key midfielder, showing off his skills as a world-class midfielder.

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